Step-by-step explanation: we are provided to discover the additive inverse of the following complicated number :


We understand that

the complex number z" is the additive train station of a facility number z, if


So, allow z" it is in the additive train station of the given complicated number z.

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Then, we need to have


Thus, the additive train station of the given complex number is

-(9 - 4i) =

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the complicated number 9 - 4i, the additive station is the number the when included to the initial number, would equate to zero. Another term this might be well-known as is the additive identity. The additive station is simply:

(a + bi) = -(a + bi)

Given: 9 - 4i

-(9 - 4i) = -9 + 4i

-9+4i since


Both state cancel

Additive inverse method the sum must be 0

so all you gotta execute is main point the facility number through -1

(the concern isn"t clear so i can"t state the option)

The additive inverse is were if you add the number an its the opposite it become zero, so because of this this would display you the the the opposite of this number is -9+4i , to assist remember what a additive station is simply think of how a station is favor a opposite an remember that the station plus your number will certainly equal zero.

I hope this helps.

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