Android variation 4.4 (KitKat) drastically borders how user installedapps can accessibility the exterior SD card. You have the right to read much more aboutthe difficulty in this article. Practicallythe only workaround is to source the an equipment and change a system configfile. It’s only one-line adjust but admitedly rooting is no somethingnormal customers would desire to do.

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Fortunately in Android 5.0 and later over there is a brand-new official method for appsto create to the outside SD card. Apps must ask the user to grant writeaccess to a folder top top the SD card. They open up a mechanism folder chooserdialog. The user have to navigate right into that specific folder and select it.

In our sync apps over there is a new item in the app settings: “SD card WriteAccess”. Picking it opens a screen showing the present write accessstatus. If write access is not possible, girlfriend can allow it by tapping“Enable write Access” button. A mechanism folder chooser dialog is displayed.For most users its initial state is totally empty!


You should go come the menu and also tell the mechanism to show the SD card


Tap ~ above the SD map from the list on the left next to screen its folderstructure. In this screenshot you see both “Internal storage” and also the SDcard. The SD card deserve to be displayed under a various name then what yousee here, for instance “Kingston”. The the so called “disk label” the thecard. The disk label is a brief text the user offers to surname the card.If there is no decaying label, the mechanism folder chooser supplies a share name“SD card”.


Then select the card. Nothing navigate under into any subfolder. You mustselect the top-level root folder of the SD card. This is important.


After tapping the “Select SD card” switch you need to be back in the app.The app twin checks if it currently indeed deserve to write come the SD card. Youshould see a message around the check result in the app.

If you replace the SD card in her device, you need to go with thisprocedure again. The write permission is granted individually for eachapp and each physics SD card.

App Crash

Some devices running Android 5, at least NVIDIA SHIELD and HTC One M8,suffer a well-known bugThe mechanism folder chooser dialog crashes and brings the whole app down with itafter users push the “Select SD card” button.

The crash wake up if the SD card doesn’t have a surname (aka disk label). To avoidthe crash you require to give a name to the card, for example, by following thesesteps

take it the SD card out of the maker Find one adapter, USB card reader or something therefore you have the right to plug the card to yourcomputer. ~ above your computer system give the map a name. How to execute it depends on i beg your pardon operatingsystem you use on your computer. Generally right click the card icon on thecomputer desktop computer or paper explorer, then pick “Rename” native the context menuwould do it.

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This is a mechanism bug. Apps can not workaround it by themselves.