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Julius Caesar "s disastrous flaw could arguably be his complacency. That ignores the warning of his wife, that dreamed the his frostbite spouting blood, and also he also ignores the warning the the soothsayer, who tells him to "Beware the ides that March." In response to his wife"s warnings, Caesar says...

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Julius Caesar"s disastrous flaw can arguably it is in his complacency. That ignores the warning the his wife, that dreamed of his frostbite spouting blood, and also he likewise ignores the warning the the soothsayer, that tells him come "Beware the ides of March." In response to his wife"s warnings, Caesar says that "Cowards die countless times prior to their deaths; / The valiant never taste the death however once." The implicit is the Caesar put his own notions that courage over the clearly ominous signals that suggest to his own death. So, this is perhaps much more than complacency—it is something like pride. Possibly Caesar"s pride is his real tragic flaw.

Brutus participates in the assassination the Caesar since of his love for Rome. Cassius knows that this love the Rome is Brutus"s weakness, and he exploits it when he make the efforts to convince him to sign up with the conspiracy in act 1, step 2. Indeed, Cassius asks Brutus, "what garbage is Rome, / What rubbish and what offal, as soon as it serves / because that the base issue to illuminate / so vile a thing as Caesar!"

Cassius"s persuasion works, and in action 2, scene 1, Brutus decides the he have to act to kill Caesar. He asks himself, "Shall Rome was standing under one man"s awe?" and then declares, "O Rome, I will make thee promise: / If the redress will follow, you receivest / Thy full petition at the hand that Brutus!" Brutus plot honorably inasmuch together he does no kill Caesar for an individual ambition or because he is envious—he has end up being genuinely encouraged that Caesar is negative for Rome. Thus, Brutus"s tragic cons is either his naivety in being convinced so conveniently by Cassius or his blinding devotion come Rome.

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Both Caesar and Brutus have actually tragic flaws that, if looked at kindly, might allude to the kindness of their particular characters. Caesar"s tragic cons is rooted in courage and also pride, and Brutus"s tragic flaw is his patriotic devotion come Rome. However, both Caesar and Brutus show that they room naive or complacent. One trust too readily in false, downhearted warnings, and also the other too easily dismisses warnings which are well meaning and prescient.