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HWiNFO is a complimentary system information tool for home windows that gives a fast overview, as well as a in-depth look, in ~ hardware components.

You deserve to save full or custom reports, use HWiNFO on a portable device, and also monitor miscellaneous hardware piece in real-time.

This review is of HWiNFO version7.12, which to be released on October 4, 2021. You re welcome let us recognize if there"s a newer version we need to review.


While part system information tools also gather software program information, HWiNFO concentrates on hardware alone. It does so by categorizing all the information it gathers into ten sections: CPU, motherboard, memory, bus, video clip adapter, monitor, drives, audio, network, and ports.

HWiNFO works through Windows 10,Windows 8, windows 7, windows Vista, and Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions room available.

Download the 64-bit version of HWiNFO only if you"re running a 64-bit variation of Windows. SeeAm i Running a 32-bit or 64-bit variation of Windows?to learn more.

See the What HWiNFO Identifies section at the bottom the this review for all the details on the hardware and also operating system details you deserve to expect come learn around your computer using HWiNFO.


View a one-page summaryEasy come read and navigate throughDetailed resultsCreate a complete report that everythingExport a report of select devicesCopy particular results out of the programDOS version availablePortable variation availableReleases regimen updates often

think on HWiNFO

HWiNFO reminds us of the system information tool Speccy but linked with other a bit an ext detailed favor SIW. In other words, when it"s super basic to use and navigate approximately in, it"s likewise pretty detailed.

Most of the system info tools we"ve used contained network info likethe subnet mask and IP address. Unfortunately,HWiNFO simply shows the MAC address. This is a bitsurprising considering the loads of information it goes right into with other sections.

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We tried both the installable and portable version of HWiNFO and also they both seemed identical. There to be no slow-moving performance or hiccups in the portable edition. We additionally like the theportable version is for this reason small—itproduces three files, that together are much less than 10 MB, which is perfect because that something prefer a flash drive.

What HWiNFO identifies

Processor brand name, frequency, variety of cores and also logical CPUs, platform, thermal architecture power, MTRRs, bus type, maximum and also current clock speed, and also the L1 and L2 cache size; likewise shown is supported features, such as MMX technology, physical deal with extension, self-snoop, and many othersProcessor manufacturer, version, current and also maximum clock speed, voltage, and also socket designationVideo chipset information, such together the codename and also memory; video card details, like its bus, BIOS version, and chipset revision number; performance information, such as processor and also memory speed, bus width, and number of unified shaders; and also driver information, such as its manufacturer, version number, date, andinstance IDDetailed monitor information, including general data, prefer the name, serial number, day of manufacture, and also hardware ID; screen information, prefer the preferably vertical and horizontal size and also frequency, and the preferably pixel clock; and the supported video modes andDPMS modesGeneral network information, including the MAC address, driver details, and vendor description; additionally included is the adapter"s capabilities, favor its maximum speed and also buffer size