Nouns that direct deal with name the human or point you are speaking or writing to. (You may likewise know these together nouns written in the vocative case.)

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If the name noun of straight address sounds funny come you, take it it apart and also you"ll see exactly how it provides sense. 

Nouns surname people, places, things, or ideas, therefore it makes sense the people"s names are nouns. Direct address means the you"re directly addressing someone or something. When you resolve a letter, you put a person"s surname on it. Using among these nouns is like addressing a sentence to who or something.  

At first, you could think the these space the subjects of sentences. They normally come in ~ the beginning of sentences, and they"re nouns. Topics often begin sentences, and they"re frequently nouns. 

However, these nouns will never ever be subjects.  

Nouns of straight address, just like interjections, are no grammatically related to the rest of the sentence.  

They are even diagrammed simply as interjections are diagrammed. Lock sit on a line floating over the rest of the sentence. I"ll show you some instances so that you have the right to see because that yourself. 






The comma before Grandpa in the second sentence allows us know that it"s a noun of direct address.

Without the comma, Grandpa becomes the direct object of the verb eat. That"s not good! 

If the noun of direct address comes at the beginning of the sentence, put a comma ~ it. 

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