The steering wheel the a watercraft lets the captain or helmsman change the direction the the courage by connecting to the rudder. Some modern-day ships don’t actually have a wheel, instead having a toggle that uses remote control to change the rudder direction. Yet what is the steering wheel ~ above a watercraft called?

The steering wheel on a boat is referred to as the ship’s wheel or boat’s wheel. The is part of the steering mechanics that comprise the helm and also will adjust the direction the the rudder in the water in bespeak to change the vessel’s course in the water. In modern-day times, that is most commonly referred to as the helm, fairly than steering wheel.

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Most boaters speak to the steering wheel the helm

In modern-day day maritime use, it’s really rare to hear who actually call it a steering wheel, watercraft wheel, or ship wheel. Most boaters will refer to it merely as the helm. This refers to the wheel, tiller, toggle, or any type of other component of the console that allows you steer the boat.

Many civilization will visualize a boat’s steering wheel as the classic shape and also design you might see ~ above pirate boats from children’s books and toys. You have the right to see a picture of one of those below if you don’t understand what i mean.


By now you should know what the watercraft steering wheel surname is, but how does that function? this is an overview:

Boat steering wheel design

The architecture of the wheel is composed utilizing 8 wooden spokes however can it is in as small as 6 and as plenty of as 10 depending on the configuration.

The wood wheel spokes all join together come a main wooden nave. There is a square hole in the center, and the axle will certainly run through this.

Boat steering wheel mechanism

On old-fashioned boats, the steering wheel of a delivery will connect on the axle to a spindle that then goes v a barrel.

This will affix to a tiller chain that connect to a pair of sheaves under the boat’s deck and also then onto part pulleys.

This mechanism lets the captain steer and also control the rudder.

The critical word

I hope the this quick explainer has helped you understand your question and given you a substantial answer to the boat steering wheel’s ideal name.

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To conclude and also wrap up, regardless of the vessel’s size, that will typically just be referred to as the helm. Some people call it the tiller, but this is in reality incorrect as the tiller is the rod i beg your pardon connects a pillar to the rudder and steering device.