1907 Indian Head Penny

The 1907 Indian Head penny is rather a well-known coin and also one of the easiest for collectors to find.Especially if you"re right into metal detecting.Over 108 million were minted in 1907 making lock the many widely accessible Indian Head cent available.Although this coin isn"t an extremely rare, it"s still rather valuable.A great G-4 condition coin is worth around $2.11 and also a proof PR-63 will certainly net you roughly $148.A document auction price the $63,000.00 was accomplished for a MS67+RD.

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Where is the mint note on a 1907 Indian head penny?

The 1907 coin was produced in Philadelphia so you can have noticed the it has no mint mark. There were roughly 108,137,143 created that year and also they have a melt worth of $0.0188.This bronze composite cent to be designed by the engraver James B Longacre and is do of 95% copper and 5% believe & Zinc.He was the chef engraver in ~ the United claims Mint indigenous 1844 to 1869.His daughter in reality modelled the ceremonial headdress i beg your pardon was included to the Liberty bust on the obverse that the coin.The 1907 Indian Head Cent weighs 3.11 grams and is 19 mm in diameter i m sorry is the exact same as most US cent throughout the 1900"s.

On the obverse side it reads, UNITED states OF AMERICA 1907 roughly the edge and also in the middle there is a profile of miss out on Liberty looking come the left and she"s put on a aboriginal American headdress.Across the tape of the headdress that reads, LIBERTY.On the reverse side is a wreath v a tiny shield at the top.This is the type 3 collection design, i beg your pardon is similar to the type 2 series , and also the Indian Head penny has been prefer this because 1860.

How rare Is The 1907 Indian Head Penny?

What is her Indian head coin value? as the many Indian Head pennies were produced in 1907, this United claims cent isn"t really rare in ~ all.This means that just the uncirculated coins in mint condition are of any real value.There to be 1,475 proof coins minted in 1907 because that collectors, so if you"re lucky enough to have a proof native this year in your collection, friend may have the ability to get a good price because that it in ~ auction from another collector.

What is a 1907 Indian head penny worth?

Now for the information that everyone who owns a 1907 one cent coin wants to know. How valuable is it?The Indian Head pennies with the most value space the uncirculated people in mint state condition. Over there are fairly a couple of pennies with re-punched date errors which are also well valued.

If you discover a coin with any type of errors resulted in by the minting process, castle are typically worth money come a exclusive collector.

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MS67+RD 1907 Indian Head Penny

A penny through a condition of AU58 (About Uncirculate 58) is worth about $65.A MS63RB (Mint State 63 Red Brown) through a re-punched date has a worth of $40, when a slightly greater graded re-punched date Indian head MS64BR has actually a value of $380.Red coins have greater values 보다 brown ones. The much more red in color, the more it selling for.A PR66RB proof coin offered at auction for about $4000, if a MS67RD marketed for $24000.The auction record price for a 1907 Indian Head coin is set at $63000 and also this to be bid for a MS67+RD (Mint State 67+ Red) in 2019. This is a an excellent example of a well maintained coin in virtually perfect condition.Click right here to discover much more valuable United says cents you might have in your coin collection.

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