A favourite because that riddle lover is back: what is complete of holes yet still holds water? If she stumped, we have the answer for you.

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During the lockdown, we’ve every done whatever we deserve to to keep busy and also entertained. Unsurprisingly, things prefer TV, films, cooking, gardening, gaming and exercise have actually proven to it is in a significant help.

Far more unexpectedly, ~ above the various other hand, we’ve every been enjoying and also sharing a selection of riddles on society media.

There has been an excellent emphasis on maintaining fit this past couple of months, yet it’s likewise important to offer your mind a workout. What better way than a good few riddles?

It’s been good to watch some come up through their really own recently devised examples, however you can’t really go wrong with a classic.

Here’s one because that you!


Give this riddle a go!

Right, so here goes…

What is full of holes but still holds water?

Before scrolling down to check out the answer, be sure to spend some more time thinking about it.

It’s perhaps something you find yourself stop every day.

Still haven’t gained it?

Well, not to worry. We have actually the answer because that you ideal down below.

A riddle rather of a truth today: what is complete of holes yet still stop water? pic.twitter.com/ChUJrJkUzo

— Kingsmead school (

What is complete of holes however still hold water? Riddle answer

So, what is full of holes but still stop water? The prize is a sponge!

This one’s in reality a little of a classic yet with so many riddles back in the limelight, we’re hardly surprised to check out it return.

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Now you understand the answer it’s precious asking your family and also friends to check out if they have the right to guess correctly.

In the meantime, top top the various other hand, we have yet an additional riddle because that you come ponder:

“As a rock inside a tree, I’ll assist your indigenous outlive thee. Yet if you press me together I stand, the an ext I relocate the much less I am.”

In various other news, fancy another riddle?