If friend buy in come celebrity endorsements, you’d think that Proactiv to be the finest thing ever. (No much more chin breakouts because that Jessica Simpson! Katy Perry offers the overnight mask!). But, the story you’re around to hear is not that of a payment celebrity spokesperson (sorry, Beliebers, that was also busy hanging through Kris Jenner). This story reflects my own an individual journey native acne sufferer come enthused Proactiv client to ultimate Proactiv quitter.

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Let me present myself: ns am the senior Editor that this site, and also suffered indigenous all-over breakouts, redness, cystic, pains zits, for 7 years until I quit using Proactiv and also realized just how truly terrible it was for mine skin. If you’ve been making use of Proactiv, because that 7 years or 7 minutes, you have to hear what I have to say. Like me, you might actually be doing much more harm 보다 good. Ns knowwwww – Proactiv feeling so good and offers results. However hear me out.

Proactiv to The Rescue

My journey v Proactiv started in high school, once my dad paid because that subscriptions because that my brother and I. Us were both suffering from breakouts on ours cheeks and around the mouth–it was clearly a genetic trouble that we had both inherited, but I to be a little much more sensitive about the entirety thing being a girl. (My brother could just thrive a beard as soon as he was having actually a negative breakout. Meanwhile, I’m end here, piling on the foundation.) I had tried topicals and antibiotics at the point, as prescribed by an it s okay dermatologist ns visited as soon as (a good dermatologist provides solutions–she doesn’t phone call you over there “isn’t much you have the right to do.” much more on that later.)

I had been washing my face religiously through Nuetrogena Deep Clean, and I had learned what species of tasks and foods triggered breakouts for me (the normal suspects: stress, chocolate, sunscreen the wasn’t non-comedogenic, etc.). Ns never even put my fingers to my confront without washing lock with ivory soap an initial (still don’t). I would certainly have brief spurts wherein my skin would clear up and acne would almost be a non-issue, yet it never ever really continued to be that method and i would never ever say my skin was “great.” I constantly felt favor it can be better, and also I feel ugly and had a the majority of insecurity issues as a result. Get in Proactiv.


Hey girl.

Like Crack–For your Skin

I dropped in love with Proactiv the first time I supplied it. No joke–it’s prefer heroin or cracked to a human being who has tried every lame, ineffective cleanser ~ above the market. Indigenous the very first use, you’re hooked. Part of Proactiv’s very nice is exactly how gratifying/satisfying/borderline orgasmic that is for civilization who experience from acne. First, friend wash through the exfoliating cleanser, “Step 1”, i beg your pardon feels so great scrubbing off dead skin, the from this point on, any type of other cleanser will have you left wanting. Also the appropriate cleanser for her skin won’t feeling as good as washing with Proactiv (more on that later). I don’t treatment if the gels, foams, tingles, has actually microbeads, aloe, mint or tea tree oil—it’s not Proactiv action 1. I’m acquiring a craving because that it together I compose this post.

After dry your newly-smooth face, you acquire a 2nd layer of satisfying cleansing native the toner, action 2. I would literally drench my cotton round with the stuff. The doesn’t save alcohol, so that doesn’t burn or tingle like various other astringents, but it does simply feel so good wiping everywhere the skin. And also you have the right to visibly see dirt/grime/acne grossness on the cotton round after. I’d to compare it to the feeling when you’d peel a Biore piece off her nose and all those dark stalks the blackheads would be sticking up. *Sigh* – it’s just so good.

The last step is a medicated lotion the you use all over the face after the toner has dried (give that 3 minutes–or the moment it take it me come brush out my wet hair and also wrap that in a towel). This is really the cherry on top–the “Repairing Lotion” feeling cooling and medicated, like all of your problem areas are gift smoothed over. It’s no a moisturizer so you don’t need to worry about clogging your pores (but if you carry out want to give Guthy Renker an ext money, lock do have a environment-friendly tea moisturizer sold separately). That dries well and also doesn’t feeling residue-y. The does a most things right that other acne commodities just don’t. It leaves you feeling prefer a perfect complexion is just approximately the corner. And i was still waiting for that perfect skin 7 year later.

Worse before It it s okay Better

For a most prescription acne medications, like Tetracycline, your medical professional will tell you the your skin will gain worse prior to it gets better. Ns am not exactly sure why this is, yet it’s pretty usual to hear the at various points in her acne treatment journey. Similarly, the myth with Proactiv is the your skin gets worse prior to it gets better. I’ve to be told exactly that through salespeople in ~ the shopping mall kiosks–who, by the way, make a commission once they market you a bottle. Herein lies the problem: you’ll always feel prefer you’re in the “worse” state and things are about to acquire better, but you don’t acquire that check-up with the medical professional 6 weeks later like friend would with a prescribed medication. And Proactiv doesn’t say precisely how lengthy you’ll need to wait, for this reason you’re basically stuck in skin care purgatory waiting and waiting and also waiting for points to obtain better.

Or at the very least that was my experience. Ns went through periods where my skin would certainly get much better (probably as result of a hormone change), and I’d be encouraged that the Proactiv was lastly working. Yet then I’d have breakouts again. That went on favor this for years.

On mine wedding day. Pile on the foundation, girls!

Here comes The Sun… Spots

About a year or for this reason in come my utilizing Proactiv i went on holidays to Aruba v my then-boyfriend (now husband) and also did the normal lay-out-by-the-pool-for-5-hours-with-SPF-15 beach holidays routine. Ns wore Neutrogena SPF 30 on my face and also a hat many of the time, but at the end of the vacation i had occurred these dark, blotchy sun spots anywhere my forehead, the tops of my cheeks and–worst of all–on my top lip, which from a distance looked prefer a full-on mustache. Sweet.

The Proactiv label claims to prevent sun exposure, yet I can have never ever in a million years guessed that even through SPF 15 and also a baseball cap I can get together awful, irreversible sun damage. And also that’s the exorbitant thing around hyperpigmentation–it only takes 1 circumstances of sunlight exposure (in my case, 1 well-deserved mainly in the Caribbean) come form, however it take away years and also years that treatments and creams and also lasers to come off. I am still dealing with them come this day, and also now as soon as I go to the beach i wear SPF 50 or higher, reapplying constantly, and a large wide-brimmed floppy hat. Thanks, Proactiv!


 Can girlfriend SPOT the problem?

So plenty of Ruined Towels

Here’s a fun one: your boyfriend’s parents invite girlfriend to your beach house, and also after a week of being very gracious to you and also cooking friend meals and letting you shack up through their son, girlfriend repay lock by ruining every one of the towels in their guest bathroom. Yeeeaaaaa.

Anyone who uses Proactiv knows that a WHITE challenge towel is the only method to go due to the fact that that sh*t bleaches whatever in its wake. I have damaged towels in ~ friends’ houses, set my mommy bought me for college, fancy towels turn off my wedding registry–any towel within arms size of my step 1 is a target. It’s due to the fact that of the benzoyl peroxide contained in the cleansing wash–it just bleaches the heck out of pillow cases, clothes, towels, bathtub mats, you name it.

In all those year of city hall Proactiv basically damage my linens closet, ns can’t think I never ever asked myself: if it does the to my confront cloths, what the hell is that doing to mine face?

Better off Without Cha

After years of gift hooked, what finally got me off Proactiv was becoming pregnant. Though the online article boards will give you various answers top top this, girlfriend absolutely cannot usage Proactiv if pregnant or parenting (the Benzoyl Peroxide, because that one, may reason birth defects.) when my OB-GYN confirmed this, i was crushed. Exactly how will ns wash mine face, if no with action 1? all other face washes suck. Exactly how will I ever before feel important clean without being able come wash and tone and treat mine acne bumps with step 3? ns was an ext devastated to provide up Proactiv than I was to provide up sushi and also martinis (ok, possibly it to be a 3-way tie).

My Derm said Neutrogena Ultra tenderness (derms really favor Nuetrogena, huh??) and I immediately hated it. The was favor washing v soap. Blah. However I had actually no choice, and also for 9 months I used only cleanser double daily–no toner (the derm called me the toner is redundant and also not necessary) and also no cream (almost every the an excellent acne treatments room banned throughout pregnancy-salicylic acid, rentinoids, etc). Top top the add to side, ns did have a lot much more time in the mornings and also at night as soon as I would otherwise it is in busy using Steps.

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Fast forward to present day and my skin is totally different 보다 it was during my Proactiv years: the scars and also sun damage remain, however I don’t have brand-new batches that zits cropping up daily. I am breastfeeding so ns couldn’t go earlier on Proactiv if I want to, however I genuinely don’t want to. I now see it because that what the was: a product that felt an excellent to use and gave me hope the my skin would improve, however that never yielded on the promise, and also in the end ended up being a vast waste the time and also money.

I want to hear around your suffer with acne and also Proactiv: leaving a comment listed below letting me understand whether it functioned for you. Was your experience different than mine?