When a criminal offender in the state the Washington is sentenced come probation, the court sets forth the guidelines and also conditions that the probation. The offender must follow the rule to the letter throughout the hatchet of probation or suffer potentially harsh legal results for a violation.

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Exactly just how does probation work in this state? If you are serving probation and you fail a medicine test, what are the consequences? will certainly you need to go to jail? will your medicine crimes attorney have actually an chance to protect you versus a violation the probation (VOP) charge?


Probation is usually just one component of the sentence because that a criminal conviction in our state. Probation can be ordered in addition to fines, community service, court-ordered drug therapy or drug education, and also a number of other feasible penalties.


If a probationer violates the conditions or regards to his or her probation, the probation deserve to be amended or revoked ~ a VOP hearing, and the offender may – in some instances – be forced to serve time behind bars.


If you are accused of a violation that probation in this state, your future will certainly hang in the balance.


You need to be stood for by a reputable Seattle criminal defense attorney who has actually abundant suffer defending probationers in ~ VOP hearings. The most regular probation violations are:

failing to appear for compelled appearances in courtfailing to salary court-ordered fines or court-ordered restitutionfailing to report to a probation officer together scheduledfailing to present up for court-ordered rehabilitation or ar servicepossessing contraband items such together stolen property, illegal drugs, and/or illegal firearmsviolating specific terms of probation regarding criminal acquaintances and also locationscommitting a new crime or gaining arrested for any reasonfailing a medicine test

The certain terms and also conditions of probation will count on the details of an offender’s conviction and the offender’s vault convictions (if any). Specifically when the conviction is for a drug crime or a control under the influence charge, arbitrarily drug testing may be ordered.

IS arbitrarily DRUG testing AN intrusion OF PRIVACY?

The Washington State supreme Court reaffirmed in 2017 (in Washington v. Olsen) that random drug experimentation is not a privacy violation once it is a problem of probation.

The court hosted in that situation that random medicine testing performed to screen a probationer’s compliance v the terms of probation does not violate the probationer’s constitutional rights.

The Washington State supreme Court furthermore held the the state has a “compelling” interest in publicly safety and in encouraging a probationer’s rehabilitation.

WHAT happens IF YOU’RE top top PROBATION and YOU fail A drug TEST?

Here is what you need to recognize if you room on probation in Washington, girlfriend fail a drug test, and also you space charged v a violation of probation:

As you’ve already been judge of a crime, the state walk not have to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” the you violated probation. If a “preponderance of the evidence” points to guilt, an interpretation it’s “more most likely than not” that you’re guilty, you’ll be convicted.You will certainly not have the right to a trial by jury, either. At a VOP hearing, the decision is figured out by the judge alone. Friend will, however, deserve to be represented by one attorney, the ideal to speak to witnesses, and the ideal to current evidence in your defense.


If you’re accused of violating probation or believe you will certainly be, get legal help fast. Her freedom and future will certainly be at stake. If you are charged with VOP in the Seattle area or everywhere in the state, call an completed Seattle criminal defense lawyer at once.


If you space charged through VOP since you’ve fail a medicine test, in many cases, you and also your lawyer will more than likely need to display that the test results were in error or the the test to be not correctly administered. The particular defense strategy will depend on the details of the charge.

If friend are discovered guilty that violating your probation for failing a medicine test, the judge will certainly take a number of factors into account to decision whether to revoke her probation, amend the regards to your probation, or offer you a warning.

If her probation is revoked, you can be ordered to offer the remainder of her probation in custody. The is why that is so essential to contact an proficient criminal defense lawyer – as quickly as possible – if you space charged v violating your probation.

A defense lawyer will review the facts, gather evidence on her behalf, and also develop a defense strategy the will carry your VOP hearing to its best possible conclusion.


Your attorney may be able to cast doubt top top the accuracy of the medicine test outcomes or may an obstacle the credentials of the human who administered the test.


Additionally, if girlfriend were acquisition drugs prescribed by your doctor as soon as you were tested, or if you experience from a medical condition, the is the very first thing the you must tell your defense attorney since prescription medicines and also illnesses frequently distort a drug test’s results.

In most VOP cases, your attorney will fight aggressively for a not guilty verdict, yet if the state’s evidence against you is solid and a guilty decision is inevitable, your attorney will seek leniency indigenous the court and also will asking the court to enable you to stay on probation despite the guilty verdict.

However, if you room serving probation in the state of Washington, girlfriend should recognize that probation is already an expression the the court’s leniency, and also if you have actually in truth violated probation, you have to expect to be incarcerated.


That’s why it’s ideal to comply with the conditions and also terms that probation. If you are ordered to serve probation, take it seriously. The state the Washington does.

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If you are charged – correct or wrongly – v failing a drug test or with one more probation violation, look for a great defense lawyer’s help as conveniently as possible. You have that right.