Light/electromagnetic radiation travels in a directly line and can carry out a pair of things once it access time an object. If we think around a details wavelength of light as it interacts through an object, it deserve to be:

Reflected (reflection) – electromagnetic radiation/light bounces off the surface ar of the object. In order to see an object that doesn’t do it’s very own light prefer the sun, light needs to bounce turn off the object and also reach our eyes.

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Absorbed (absorption) – energy from the electromagnetic radiation/light is take away up/‘soaked up’ through the thing (provide Ex.)Whether irradiate is soaked up depends on the wavelength of light and also atoms the the thing is made up of. Various atoms or molecule have certain vibrational frequencies and also when the vibrational frequency that the molecule matches the wavelength that light that hits it, the light it s okay absorbed.Transmitted (transmission) – when the irradiate moves v the object.Diffracted (diffraction) – the spreading/bending of light together it goes v openings or around the edge of objects. The dispersing of electromagnetic radiation watch a lot like the ripples you make in water when you dip your toe in.If the wavelength that the electromagnetic radiation is lot smaller 보다 the object around which is bends or opening it is going through, climate very small to no diffraction is observed.Refracted (refraction) – the bending of transmitted light together it travels throughout the border of one material into another material in i m sorry it’s speed is different. Unequal diffraction, this readjust in direction of light occurs since light is transforming its speed in the different substances in it traveling in.The refractive table of contents of a product is a number that defines how irradiate will travel in it compared to exactly how it travels in wait or in a vacuum. The higher the refractive index of a substance, the slow light travels.


Something to store in mind: we learnt previously that the clearly shows white irradiate we watch actually written of various wavelengths. Therefore, as soon as white irradiate hits/interacts with objects, what happens to the light is complex/complicated with some of the wavelengths reflect while rather are soaked up ortransfer .

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Sunlight that reaches our atmosphere is composed of every the color of the rainbow (ROYGBV). The various wavelengths the light room scattered in different ways by corpuscle in the air. Smaller sized wavelengths scatter more than much longer wavelengths.