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Clarisse is run over by a car, perhaps by joyriding kids.

Montag is a fireman who starts to concern his life and also the an extremely essence of that he is when he meets a teenage girl from his community named Clarisse. She does no seem to watch him as an authority...

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Clarisse is run over by a car, perhaps by joyriding kids.

Montag is a fireman who starts to question his life and also the really essence of who he is once he meets a teenage girl native his community named Clarisse. She does no seem to check out him together an authority figure or fear him. Instead, she is amiable and curious. She asks the the concerns he never ever asked himself.

He feeling she was walking in a circle around him, turning him end for end, shaking the quietly, and emptying his pockets, without once relocating herself. (Part 1)

Clarisse is just in Montag’s life for a short time, but they walk together and also talk. He also tells she he feels favor he has actually known she for years. After ~ a week, she’s gone. He realizes his new routine has actually been disturbed, and he appreciated the time castle talked.

Clarisse and her household are non-conformists. Mildred speak Montag the Clarisse was hit by a car.

"No. The exact same girl. McClellan. McClellan, operation over by a car. 4 days ago. I"m no sure. But I think she"s dead. The family moved the end anyway. Ns don"t know. Yet I think she"s dead." (Part I)

In the end, we can’t be entirely sure if Mildred really knew what to be going on due to the fact that she no seem to care around anyone other than her households on the tv shows. Her complete lack that empathy shows what her society expects of people, and is ironic due to the fact that Clarisse feel differently and before she talked to him Montag never ever would have actually noticed her disappearance.

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At a couple of times in the publication we learn that young world joyride about in your cars intentionally trying come hit people so the they will certainly feel anything in ~ all. Clarisse does no approve, but it’s feasible that exact same thing occurred to her. Once Montag is nearly hit, he wonders if that is the same people who eliminated Clarisse.