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I"m toying with the idea of having a personality bitten by much more than one bite-infecting monster and wondered about just what would certainly happen.

What space the generally-accepted time home windows from bite to transformation for the above monsters?

I"m thinking, from shortest to longest

Zombie: Hours, 1 full day in ~ most.Vampire: 24 hours (presuming "enough" blood is withdrawn or exchanged in one feeding)Werewolf: 28 job (full lunar cycle)

What distinct abilities / weaknesses seem plausible to who so afflicted?

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In the people we"re discussing, every three room infectious and all three start the revolution with a solitary bite.

The Vampire is a "traditional" vampire - undead, no soul, no reflection, feeds ~ above blood. Fragile to sunlight, wood stakes in the heart, and also poorly composed romances. Bitten humans die after gift drained of blood, climb on the following sunset as a new vampire.

The Werewolf is a "traditional" werewolf - living, possesses a soul, transforms right into a wolf (either fully, or right into some type of wolf-man state) uncontrollably during the 3 nights the the full moon every month, lacks regulate of actions when transformed. Breakable to silver (and Nair?). Bitten (but no killed) humans live as normal, until the next set of full moons, in ~ which allude they transform.

The zombie is a "Romero" layout or one of it"s derivatives - undead, hungry, no discernible intellect, no heal ability, propelled to consume living flesh (human preferred). Delicate to physical damage and especially mind destruction. Bitten humans die within a brief time (typically much less than 24 hours) and rise shortly thereafter as new zombies.


Order matters.

There room 6 feasible orders (V = vampire, Z = Zombie, W = werewolf):VWZVZWWZVWVZZWVZVW

Four that these need to be fairly straightforward, and I"ll take care of these first.

ZVW, ZWV: The zombie bites a human. Then (presumably before s/he turns) the human being is bitten by a werewolf and also vampire (order not important in this case). Even assuming the zombie bite wake up at night on the night of the full moon, I intend the human will expire and reanimate as a "normal" zombie - all three changes take time, and also the zombie is simply the fastest. The kills and also raises within 24 hours (typically), much longer only if castle receive significant medical aid. Uneven they control to last 48 hrs (unlikely, if lock receive additional wounds from much more bites) the zombie virus kills them, climate they gain up to kill.

VWZ, VZW: Again, the rate of the revolution is crucial here. The only method all 3 bites are most likely to occur on the very same individual is if castle all take place within a 48-hour period. Zombies wouldn"t be attractive to the dead meat of a vampire, and also the bite the a werewolf has relatively consistently been displayed to be either fatal or merely damaging come a vampire. It"s never ever been watched to cause some additional transformation (except in a Ghostbusters cartoon episode, and some poorly excellent movies). If the person lives long enough to come to be a vampire, lock die and also rise the next night as a vampire. If the person receives a zombie bite just before (or ideal after) expiring, they will still likely rise a vampire. If, however, the human is bitten through the zombie beforehand enough prior to death, the much faster zombie virus will case his life and also raise him together a zombie.

WZV: Zombies would certainly be attracted to the life flesh of a werewolf. ~ a zombie bite, it"s likely the werewolf would certainly die and also rise together a zombie. If he passed away while still in wolf or hybrid form, the would come to be an undead variation of the form. Compared to the zombie bite, the vampire bite does not act conveniently enough to difficulty this transformation.

WVZ: Here"s where the fun begins. It"s never been seen for a werewolf (in wolf form) to it is in infected by a vampire bite - traditionally vampire bites just kill werewolves. Thus, it"s only likely that a wolf would be vampire-bitten (with any type of effect various other than death) when in human form. If that did not simply kill him, I mean he would increase as a regular vampire - vampire"s bodies have actually been consistently displayed to it is in unchanging, often revived to your state at death at the start of every night. Therefore, it"s skeptical that the wolf change would occur. Suspect the zombie bite happened with enough time remaining prior to the vampire reanimation, the quicker zombie virus would certainly raise the person as a zombie. If not, lock would end up being a vampire.

Essentially, the genres don"t mix well. A zombified wolfman would certainly still have actually his feeling of smell, hearing, and eyesight, but would relocate like a zombie. It"s most likely his various other senses would certainly fade as he decomposed. The various other "mixes" (zombie vampire, wolfpire) are highly unlikely come occur.

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White Wolf, which writes gamings that allow you come play together werewolves, vampires, etc addresses this worry directly: Vampires can"t become any of the various other "races", werewolves can"t it is in turned right into vampires (and the vampire who drinks your blood regrets it), etc.