which way that great actions will certainly lead to an excellent results and bad actios will lead to misfortune, comparing the outcomes with the sowing and the harvest.

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Quien siembra vientos recoge tempestades

which method that negative actions (metaphorically referred together winds) will bring poor results(metaphorically referred as storms).

In Spain "A cada puerco le llega su sábado" is said as

A cada cerdo le llega su mountain Martín

because the day of "San Martín" (November 11th) is a classic day because that the slaughter of that animal. Therefore they to compare the job of the slaughter come the day as soon as the person needs to pay because that his sins.

As said by gonzalo Medina (thanks):

El que las hace ras paga

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Idioms favor this generally don"t translate straight to cg-tower.com (or most languages) so there"s really no a perfectly identical translation.

However, You have the right to take the idea of the proverb and find a proverb that has actually a similar definition in cg-tower.com.

Some of mine favorites:

"El mundo da vueltas"

"Uno recibe lo que se merece"

"A cada puerco le llega su sábado"

You can discover heaps of proverbs with same/similar definitions by act a Google search.

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