Fox’s Bones top top Monday night demonstrated how even nine seasons in, a TV procedural can still north up high, palpable stakes together it serves up the semi-obligatory annual cliffhanger finale.

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In fact, the choice to open up the illustration in media res, hence telegraphing that Booth will certainly come the end of the coming hour much worse for the wear, drove residence that point early on, leaving us to wonder just how horrifically points would spiral out of control.

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Then flashing back to “two days earlier,” Booth’s bloodied, ER-room fate was contrasted with much lighter fare, together Brennan labors to institution him in some German, in preparation for his new assignment in Berlin — if he overcome muster with the review committee. But that “interview” is simply a formality, right?

Maybe not. Maybe, it later on is revealed, the Berlin position is but a means to one end.

The very first step ~ above the curious trip comes in the type of a cold call, on Booth’s secure line no less, indigenous a disgraced journalist that these days runs a conspiracy blog. But prior to Booth can satisfy up v this Foster guy — to comment on “ McNamara and also the FBI” — the writer is killed, having actually been force-fed sufficient alcohol to make him explode during an Airstream inferno. All the evidence says murder, the Foster was hosted down by 2 Delta forces operatives together he was tortured for info they didn’t get — because, the Jeffersonian team discovers, his damning intel to be stored top top a storage chip inside a nipple ring.

Accessing what they can of the damaged data, Booth, bones et al learn that during a janitorial stint at one of McNamara’s companies, he had accessed a mother lode of blackmail photos and also documents, offered by someone at the FBI to compel civilization to do an extremely bad things.

Before Booth have the right to delve much further into the root of this mystery, the goes before the senate testimonial committee and also is timeless blindsided by a “friendly,” Congressman Hadley, who reveals during the session that Booth killed an American citizen while serving in Pakistan. Booth is unable to check or refuse the obviously share report, and also thus is labeled an “assassin” before and also then through the press. Booth manages to challenge Hadley in private and also warn the he’s got all of Foster’s files, effectively putting a target on his back. Booth climate fortifies himself up the wazoo back at the house and also sends Brennan and Christine off to Max’s, discovering that some highly trained killers surely space en route.

Meanwhile at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins manages to salvage the remainder of the memory chip’s components — just before “someone” on the outside starts come hack their computers. Luckily, Angela had actually an “alert” installed, affording castle time to safeguard their documents while top the hacker to think their record dump was successful.

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All of i m sorry brings us to the shoot-out at the house, which to be wonderfully directed by David Boreanaz, utilizing shafts that light, shadows and the close quarters to amp up the intensity. Booth to be able to fell several that his attackers, thanks to firepower and a couple of booby traps, despite he take away at least one cartridge in the at an early stage exchanges. One surviving attacker lands one more bullet in Booth just prior to Brennan shows up weapons a-blazing. Down but not out, Booth conserves Brennan native a knifing, by sweeping an attacker’s leg, but in the scuffle that ensues his injuries get the finest of him, and next we check out Booth is gift wheeled right into the ER, in vital condition.

Later, Brennan, the Jeffersonian team and Caroline it s okay the good news — Booth survived surgical treatment — and also then a note of bad. Brennan rushes to see post-op Booth, only to discover him handcuffed come the hospital bed, surrounding by G-men. Deputy director Stark explains that Booth has been arrested because that killing 3 FBI agents who just showed approximately “serve a warrant” (uh-huhhhhh) — and also when Temp protests this bald-faced lie/cover-up, she also is taken into custody.

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As Emily Deschanel had actually warned, this finale “changes everything — not only in between Booth and also Brennan, but likewise with Booth’s job, maybe Brennan’s task – i mean, everything.” So when Season 10 arrives (Thursdays in ~ 8, remember!), through Booth in the brig and also Brennan additionally in commonwealth custody, will it be up to the Jeffersonian team to save the day, using the salvaged files?