YW is an internet slang which is provided on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also Snapchat. Slang words space now typical these days in digital conversation, human being are making use of acronyms rather of a finish phrase. What does YW mean? What does YW stand for? girlfriend will get everything about it in this article.

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Usage the slang words in online chatting is rather popular and also it is mostly used by the teenager. Friend should understand a few popular net slang if you room using any type of social media applications.

YW Meaning

YW meaning- YW is an abbreviation of “You room Welcome“, the is supplied in an answer to give thanks to you. People also use such brief terms in digital chatting for instant reply.


YW is provided when you do a favor with someone and also someone states “thank you”, you say type this acronym in solution to say thanks to you. It is the most common an answer when someone claims thank you because that anything. This phrase comes from the German indigenous Willkommen. 

What does YW average In Texting

YW is provided in virtual chatting, the is used in not blocked conversation. You have the right to not use this shorthand hatchet or any kind of slang native in official conversation such together an interview or conversation with your boss.


YW method “You space Welcome” in texting. In this era people especially teens invent new slang indigenous daily and also usage of acronyms is very common, they discover it easy to use acronym instead of complete phrase.

Alternative of YW

You room welcome is used when you perform a favor through someone, he states thanks, you solution him through this acronym. That is a straightforward rule that kindness, it signals the you expropriate the expression of responsibility or possibly it mirrors that you to be happy come help.


There space a couple of other paragraph which friend can likewise use rather of “You room Welcome”. They are detailed below:


Don’t mention it.Not in ~ all.My pleasure.I’m glad to have been the help.


YW stand for various Phrases, depending on its context. There space several fields where that stands for different phrases. Couple of of castle are given below:


Internet Slang/Chat

You’re WelcomeYou’re WeirdYou want itYou’re WorthyYeah, Whatever


Your Web

Science & Medicine

Yearling weight (livestock)

Military & Government

Water Barge (Self-Propelled)District Barge, Water (US Navy)Young Warriors

What does YW mean? YW is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is also explained in web slang.

Quick Wrap-Up

YW is one abbreviation, which represents “You space Welcome”. The is supplied on society media networking website such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also Snapchat. Net slangs are very common in digital texting and also chatting.

“You are welcome” is used when you execute a favor through someone, he states thanks, you solution him v this term. That is a basic rule of kindness, that signals the you accept the expression of duty or probably it reflects that you were happy to help.

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