I googled the phrase and also it seems to be some kind of slogan. I"m not sure though even if it is it is somehow associated to what is intended here.

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You are missing a comma there. The phrase should be: yo más, guapa.

guapa way good looking and also it"s a common means to affectionately deal with a mrs in Spain. For this reason the conversation goes an ext or less like this:

A: - ¡I love you! B: - ¡I love friend more, gorgeous!


I think it may need a comma

¡Yo más guapa! Me more, cuttie

It is no an slogan, yet a colloquial method of telling someone the you desire or worthy or need something much more than the various other person.

A:- No llego a fin de mes. Necesito otros 500 euros

B:- Yo también, guapa

In the context guapa is no a colloquial method to describe somebody, but method literally "beautiful".

A:- ¡Te quiero!

B: - ¡Yo (a tí) más, guapa!


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