JoeKearney's answer of "I want to live within 5 miles of the office", which way "within a radius of 5 miles", in this situation I would interpret "don't eat or drink 1 hour before and after taking the pills". - another interpretation would be: Nobody the is closer to these pills than an hour's walk/drive/flight is permitted to eat or drink ;).
Within is a solitary word. In the feeling of her example, it way something choose during, or before the finish of:

do not drink or eat during the hour before or the hour after you take these pills.

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Consider also:

I desire to have actually been advocated within a year of authorized the company.

I desire to live within five miles the the office.

Within the boundary of mine lands, i am king.

See an interpretation on Merriam-Webster.

Edited to allude out the it applies to the hour before and also the hour after. The other answer is better.



So, the does not mean that you need to wait for two hours in total, one before taking the pills, and one after taking the pills? simply confused!
do not drink or eat with in an hour of this pills

"Within" means inside some sort of time frame... Therefore this sentence literally way that you must wait till an hour after eating before taking the pills, and also must not eat till an hour after taking the pills.

In my experience, this is very usual advice - ns don"t think it to be intended this way; it could mean you need to wait for an hour ~ eating prior to taking the pills, or it could mean the you have to wait for an hour after acquisition the pill come eat.

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I would analyze it together the latter, but it isn"t entirely clear.


Example : i am walk to reach Tokyo in ~ an hour. Specificaly says that it will certainly takeme less than one hour or for this reason to reach tokyo.


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