The one concern Wendy it s okay asked the many out the everything, is “what’s in your tea?!”

Well, we ultimately have the formula come share v everyone, and also beneficial teas to drink!

Here’s the tea!

Black Tea because that Energy This is not really news to anyone. Black tea has the most caffeine of every the teas out there. Black color Tea doesn’t have actually as much caffeine together coffee, yet your human body will thank you for making the move from coffee come tea. You’re more likely to gain to sleep quicker when girlfriend drink tea. That doesn’t want that?

Mint Tea for weight Loss Mint tea is short in calories, with only two calorie in an eight-ounce serving. So, you have the right to drink this delicious tea all day, completely guilt free. The best component about mint tea is it is proven come curb her appetite. The solid mint odor tricks the mind to release a hormone that suppresses hunger. If you feeling a craving coming on, change it through mint tea.

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Hawthorn Tea because that Relaxation If you experience from anxiety, this tea might be the answer come all your worries. Hawthorn Tea has a organic calming impact that deserve to calm the body, without feeling the require to loss asleep. This is great to sip transparent the day if you’re constantly on edge.

Hibiscus Tea because that Glowing Skin remember the tale around the fountain of youth? Well, it might have to be filled v hibiscus tea. Alpha-hydroxy acids found in the tree can manage oily skin, clogged pores, safeguard skin from environmental stressors, alleviate the dimension of pores, and assist those with sensitive skin. Remember, skin care is everything!

Wendy’s Morning Tea over there is a whole process to Wendy’s morning tea. Wendy has actually been drinking tea since her radio work to assist keep her voice in check. The present doesn’t go on without Wendy and her morning tea deserves a nod of credit transaction to maintaining her voice pristine.

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Ingredients A mug of warm water 1 bag of black color tea ½ tsp. Of love husband ¼ cup the lemon juice 1 Halls cherry sneeze drop

Directions 1. Fill a cup v honey, lemon juice, tea bag, and hot water 2. Scoop out a teaspoon of Drink Electra-Seamoss, gently deliver to a strainer 3. With the Drink Electra-Seamoss quiet in the strainer, to water the hot tea over the Drink Electra-Seamoss, through the strainer, and also into the mug you want to usage 4. When hot Topics starts, drop a Halls cherry cough drop into your tea 5. Enjoy!



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