(walks plural & third person present) (walking present participle) (walked past it s too dirty & previous participle )

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1  verb When friend walk, you move forward by putting one foot in former of the various other in a constant way. Rosanna and Forbes to walk in quiet for part while...  V She turned and walked away...  V prep/adv They would stop the car and walk a couple of steps...  V n When ns was your period I walked five miles to school.  V n come n 
2  n-count 
A to walk is a journey the you do by walking, generally for pleasure. I went because that a walk..., He regularly took long walks in the hills.  
3  n-sing 
A walk of a certain distance is the street which a person needs to walk to get somewhere. supp N, N the n It was only a three-mile walk to Kabul from there..., The church is a brief walk from Piazza Dante.  
4  n-count 
A to walk is a route perfect for walking along for pleasure. There is a 2 mile seaside walk from Craster to Newton.  
6  n-sing 
Someone"s to walk is the way that castle walk. poss N George, regardless of his great height and gangling walk, was a to crawl dancer.  
7  verb 
If you walk someone somewhere, friend walk there through them in order to display politeness or come make certain that they obtain there safely. (=escort) She walked me to mine car...  V n prep/adv 
8  verb 
If you walk her dog, you take it it because that a walk in order to keep it healthy. I walk my dog every evening approximately my local streets.  V n 
9  → to it is in walking top top air 
 → air  → to go tall  → tall walk away  phrasal verb If friend walk far from a trouble or a daunting situation, you execute nothing about it or carry out not face any bad aftermath from it. The most suitable strategy might simply it is in to walk far from the problem...  V p from n No one to know you"re a part of this. You can just to walk away.  V P walk away with  phrasal verb If you walk away v something such together a prize, you victory it or obtain it very easily.  (JOURNALISM) (=walk turn off with) Enter our competition and also you could walk away through £10,000.  V p P n walk in on  phrasal verb If you walk in on someone, you go into the room the they are in if they are doing other private, and this create an embarrassing situation. His mam walked in on the making love.  V ns P n walk into 
1  phrasal verb If you walk into an unpleasant situation, friend become associated in it there is no expecting to, especially because you have actually been careless. He"s walking right into a instance that that absolutely can"t control.  V p n 
2  phrasal verb 
If you walk right into a job, you control to gain it really easily. INFORMAL When i left school, I could walk into any job.  V p n walk turn off with  phrasal verb If girlfriend walk off with something such together a prize, you win it or get it an extremely easily.  (JOURNALISM) (=walk away with) The happy pensioner to walk off through a £2,000 prize.  V ns P n walk out 
1  phrasal verb If you walk outof a meeting, a performance, or an unpleasant situation, you leaving it suddenly, commonly in bespeak to display that you space angry or bored. Several dozen councillors walked out of the conference in protest...  V p of n Mr. Mason walked out during the performance.  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If someone walks outon their family or their partner, they leaving them suddenly and also go come live what else. Her husband walked out on her...  V ns on n 
3  phrasal verb 
If employees walk out, they avoid doing their job-related for a period of time, normally in bespeak to shot to get much better pay or problems for themselves. Nationwide industrial activity began previously this week, once staff at most banks walked out.  V P walk over  phrasal verb If someone walks over you, castle treat you very badly. INFORMAL Do friend think you deserve to walk over me? Well, friend won"t, ever!  V ns n 
space walk 
  (space walks plural )When one astronaut go on a space walk, that or she leaves the spacecraft and also works exterior it if floating in space.  n-count 
walk that life   (walks of life plural )The walk of life the you come native is the position that you have actually in society and the sort of job you have.  n-count usu pl (=background) One of the biggest pleasures the this project is meeting people from all walks that life.  
 A walk-on part in a pat or movie is a really small part which usually does no involve any kind of speaking.  adj ADJ n He and his household have walk-on components in the latest film.  
  (walk-ups plural )A walk-up is a high apartment block which has no lift. Friend can also refer come an apartment in such a block together a walk-up.  (AM)  n-count She lives in a tiny fifth floor walk-up in brand-new York"s eastern Village.  

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