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‘The principal source of information about Juliana is she vita, i m sorry was initially written in vernacular French, most likely by her friend Eve, and also then analyzed into Latin in between 1261 and 1264.’

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‘This attribution is based upon the wording of the vita, which suggests that she ‘prayed’ while john wrote.’‘The relationship to John is among two explained in the vita in between Juliana and a male that had moments of full collegiality.’‘The vita writer took an excellent pains come articulate the charismatic gifts of Juliana against a historic background in i m sorry the basic hierocratic government of the church to be at stake.’‘The vita notes the after receiving the requisite approbations because that the new feast indigenous church officials, Juliana decided John, quiet a monk in ~ Mont-Cornillon, as her partner.’‘51 vignettes, or episodes of interaction, to be selected indigenous the vita, 23 episodes through men and 28 with women.’‘An clues of how a contemporary may have actually read the number can be discovered in Vasari"s vita the Fra Angelico, where the author mentions a manuscript Cosimo Bartoli had actually seen in Venice and described come him.’‘Unlike the case of various other women mystics in the Minne tradition, no vita or life story was composed for Hadewijch.’‘Juliana"s vita was an exception to the ‘male interpreter’ pattern defined by Mooney, Coakley, and also others.’‘Interestingly in this context, a dove through a crown in his mine hovers right exterior the opening and also well-known historiated early of book I the Juliana"s vita.’‘Here to be a saintly bishop who vita would not conveniently suit Lyon"s burghers" ideas around a healthy and balanced relationship in between secular and spiritual authority in your city.’‘Rather, close evaluation of illustration in face-to-face interaction in Juliana"s vita expose a complex dynamic the shifting partnerships among competing social units drawn from small elite and marginal society circles.’‘A characteristic feature of Juliana"s vita is the presentation of short vignettes, or episodes of face-to-face interaction, every of which gives a step that permitted the writer to build the personality of the exemplar the virtue.’‘The contemporary editors and also translators that St. Aunemund"s vita, the Acta Aunemundi, have suggested, reasonably enough, that man over Aunemund"s surname may have actually caused man over his burial site.’