I have actually a an easy question, but it is tough to google it. I have actually this equation here:

$$y(t, x) = \sum_i=1^d(|x_i| \wedge t)^2$$

Here $x$ is a size $d$ signal and $t$ is simply a scalar. Ns am no sure just how to check out that equation in english... Ns understand whatever except for how they use the $\wedge$ here...

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If paper definition helps, this is part of a cost function, based upon a threshold $t$ that is selected, for her vector $x$.


$|x_i|\wedge t$ probably means $\min(|x_i|,t)$.

There space three usual definitions of the wedge ($\wedge$) symbol: reasonable conjunction, some type of "wedge product" and the minimum function. As both $|x_i|$ and $t$ space scalars, we can ascendancy out the an initial two possibilities. For this reason the minimum role is the most plausible translate I can think of. But certainly, you must look in ~ the context of her equation to make sure that this is a correct interpretation.


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Decipher the cg-tower.comematical expression: $\undersetl\arg\left<\undersetl=1\oversetN\wedge\undersetj=1\oversetn\vee|m_ij-x_j|\right>$

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