In HP, ns don"t really understand how Stupefy works. It can"t be permanent because then would certainly basically it is in death, and also in mine understanding, Stupefy just makes world faint/go unconscious. However, at some point, a gnome is Stupefied to it is in an point of view on the Weasleys" Christmas tree, and also there is no cite of them having actually to repeat the spell, due to the fact that it says that no one as well as Fred, George, Ron, and Harry knew that the "angel" was in reality a gnome. So how does Stupefy work?


The effects of Stupefy do wear off in time.In Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Molly Weasley casts Stupefy on every the portraits in the room to silence them.

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“Tonks apologised over and also over again, dragging the huge, hefty troll’s leg back off the floor; granny Weasley exit the attempt to close the curtains and also hurried up and down the hall, Stunning every the various other portraits with her wand; and also a guy with lengthy black hair came charging out of a door facing Harry.” - take care of Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix, chapter 4 (Number Twelve, Place)

Sirius expects that it will not last, because he tells Harry lock should obtain downstairs prior to the portraits awaken.

“Let’s get downstairs, quick, prior to they every wake increase again.” - harry Potter and also the stimulate of the Phoenix, thing 5 (The stimulate of the Phoenix)

Indeed, the portraits space shrieking again the next day.

“Mrs Weasley’s voice was lost amid fresh shrieks and screams from the portraits in the hall.” - harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix, thing 6 (The Noble and Most old House that Black)

No one would have intentionally reawakened the portraits, so thus the Stunning Spells on lock wore off.

Fred and also George likely kept spreading it.

To keep the gnome on top of the Christmas tree, maybe Fred and George would simply need to keep casting Stupefy top top it once the others were not looking. Stupefy can be repeatedly cast on the exact same individual.

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“Can’t us kidnap mrs Norris?’ Ron said during Monday lunchtime, together he lay flat on his earlier in the center of your Charms classroom, having just been Stunned and re-awoken through Harry because that the fifth time in a row. ‘Let’s shock her because that a bit.” - bother Potter and the Goblet the Fire, thing 29 (The Dream)

All Fred and also George would need to do is to save the gnome Stupefied till the Weasleys took their Christmas tree down.