The Simpsons: Why The opening Credits' Cash Register changes Amount The Simpsons" opened credits succession went through large changes in 2009, amongst those Maggie"s "price" at the supermarket. Here"s why it changed.

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Simpsons Maggie cash register
A most things have happened during The Simpsons’ opening credits sequence, but one step that has actually stayed is that of Maggie being scanned in ~ the supermarket checkout. However, the quantity thrown through the cash register readjusted when the sequence was remade and also updated in 2009. Produced by Matt Groening, The Simpsons debuted in 1989 and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The collection is the longest-running American scripted primetime television collection and is currently enjoying that is 31st season.

The Simpsons complies with the resides of the title household in the fictional city of Springfield, together with those of his near friends, enemies, and other colorful personalities from that peculiar town. The series has been approximately for for this reason long and has had such an influence in viewers that plenty of of its characters and jokes have become component of pop culture, among those the opening credits and the couch gag. The Simpsons" opened sequence has actually gone through two revisions, the an initial one in 1990, when the original opening to be reanimated, and also the 2nd one in 2009, once it was fully remade.

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The brand-new sequence added a many scenes, characters, and jokes, yet it retained the key ones indigenous the initial opening, such as Marge and Maggie at the supermarket and also Maggie gift scanned, though the number ~ above the cash register was updated.

Why The Simpsons’ opened Credits’ Cash it is registered Amount Changes

The Simpsons brand-new opening Maggie price
In the initial opening sequence, Maggie is rung up in ~ a price of $847.63. This number wasn’t a random one, and was actually the monthly cost of increasing a child back in 1989 – a subtle and also clever detail. The number continued to be intact during the reanimation in 1990 but it was changed when the sequence to be updated year later. The new (and current) opened sequence in The Simpsons reflects Maggie copy the price that Marge’s groceries indigenous $243.26 come $486.52. It appears unlikely that the cost of elevating a child has changed that much, for this reason this number is probably a referral to how having children method more expenses. In the illustration “The Simpsons 138th illustration Spectacular”, trojan McClure states the cash register reads “NRA4EVER”, which was a reference to the to run joke that the show’s creators are right-wing radicals. ~ above the other hand, in “Treehouse of fear XXIV”, the scanner as necessary reads 666.

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Although sometimes thought about the “forgotten Simpson” (mainly due to the fact that of just how Homer generally forgets around her), Maggie has been an essential part in many gags and visual jokes in the series, for this reason it’s just fair that she gets her own in the opening sequence – and also one that matches she quiet yet clever personality. Even if it is the price of raising a child has truly changed that much since 1989 or not is unclear, however Simpsons fans are surely happy that the supermarket scene through Maggie didn’t go v radical changes when the opened sequence was remade.