Queen that Spades signifies distrust and prejudice. This card indicates your enemy: a nasty woman that is jealous of you. She will certainly slander you and will shot to toxicity your relationship with various other people. 

Quick check: is Queen that spades in her cards today? If you satisfy her, you know what come tell her? call her: “Jealousy is a disease. Acquire well, mine dear. And get the end of mine sight, too!”






Divorced mrs or a widow, seduced and abandoned girl, jealous and also vindictive nasty brunette; together is, isolated, the Queen that Spades, whose presence in the video game is virtually always fatal.

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This card has on the ideal a

Spade: A nasty brunette woman will certainly slander you.

Heart: A woman jealous of you will certainly soon collection a catch for you.

Diamond: You will go come court around a divorce or an additional marital matter; you will certainly win the case.

Club: Obstacles resulted in by a young brunette woman, mostly yet not exclusively around money.

Having on the left a

Spade: A brown (brunette) girl, offended through you, keeps a relentless hatred for you; she looks for all feasible ways to take it revenge for the wrongs you have actually done to her. Everything you do, you will certainly not escape her revenge.

Heart: Seduction through a dark, aggressive and also forceful woman. She is offered of gaining her way. – Affront.

Diamond: Unresolved problems over a brunette woman. – Obstacles to your future success.

Club: details loss the money. – Still, the is much much better to experience this loss and be rid of a relationship or a casual involvement v a brunette girl quite than continue with it.


Between two diamonds: prevent taking a trip, signing top top anything, starting brand-new initiative, moving around; girlfriend would have actually a major accident external your home.

With the King and the Jack that Hearts: A brown woman will certainly be flirting, flattering, hoping to take advantage of you. She will use miscellaneous tricks to deceive your an excellent faith.

With the King that spades – two really bad cards do a very great omen. It method a an essential change of character – transforming from angry to good, detect conscience and generosity in human being that room neither trustworthy, no one generous. That also means a happy partnership of two people, who previously were profoundly lonely and also unhappy.

classic American cartomancy​:
A Widow; Distrust


Queen of Spades—Upright.

As the representative of an separation, personal, instance this card designates a dark lady, with dark eyes and black hair, naturally of one open and generous disposition, however who will adjust her nature v flattery and her position in society. Should she be own of beauty, her innocence will be in perpetual danger, and only conserved through the exercise of a strong will, or with motives that self-respect.

This card likewise, when arising upright, designates a widow, there is no respect to color or society position, and also is also taken to denote the condition of widowhood, to it is in interpreted, as the oracle demands, by these synonyms:

Privation; abstinence; absence; scarcity; sterility; poverty; indigence; famine; deprivation.

Frequently this card is work to represent a well-founded distrust, when its second significations will be:

Just suspicion; legitimate fear; merited doubts; conjectures; surmises based upon fact; conscientious scruples; timidity; bashfulness; reluctance; retirement.

Queen the Spades—Reversed.

As a representative of one individual, this card, coming out in the oracle reversed in position, denotes a widow, desirous the contracting an additional marriage. It moreover designates a dark mrs of amorous propensities, who does not hesitate to neglect the conventionalities that society.

But together a basic thing, this map is suspect to represent a crafty evil-minded woman, and also can be understood as:

Malignity; malice; finesse; artifice; cunning; craft; dissimulation; frolic; pranks; wildness; hypocrisy; bigotry; prudishness; wantonness; shamelessness.

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When coming reversed in a consultation ~ above marriage, this card denotes that difficulties and also impediments, generally originating with a female, will certainly be interposed to avoid the wanted nuptials.