What walk Niall mean?


as a boys" name is pronounced NYE-al, NEE-al. That is that Irish and also Gaelic origin, and the an interpretation of Niall is "champion". Source type of Neil, used mainly in Ireland. Historical: Niall of the nine Hostages started a empire of ireland kings. See likewise Nigel, Niles, and Nyles.STARTS v Ni-

ASSOCIATED v irish, champion, kings



SEE also Conall, Eoghan

RELATED creates VIA NEIL, NIGEL, NILES Neal▼, Neale, Neall, Nealle, Nealon, Neel, Neile, Neill, Neille, Neils, Nels▼, Niel, Niguel, Nijel, Nile, Niles, Njal, Nygel

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Noall, .. (female) Nilea, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSNiall Cason (N.C.), ..

How popular is Niall?

Niall is a rare very first name for males. Niall is an equivalently rare surname as well for both adults and also children. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Niall gone into the perform in 1991 and reached its highest rank that #1667 in the U.S. In the year 2018. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which variation is better?

Eoghan, Neal (#1609 IN 2018), Neale, Neel (#1777), Neil (#626), Neill, Nels, Niel, Nigel (#1416), Nile (#1973) and also Niles space the influential related develops of Niall (#1667). Fostering of these relations of Niall got to its peak during 1950-1959 (USAGE that 0.15%) and also has end up being much reduced since (USAGE 0.05%, ▼66%), through versions choose Nels becoming less fashionable.

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Similar Names

Niall is alike in pronunciation to Knoll, Newall, Newel, Newell, Newhall, Noel▲, Noll, Nowel and also Nowell. Other suggested similar-sounding names room Beall, Bill▼, Gall, Gill, Hall, Hill, Lyall, Niaz, Nicol, Nicoll, Niels, Nils, Odall (see Odell), Pall, Peall, Sill, Till, Udall and also Will▼. This names often tend to be much more frequently provided than Niall.