The 22 incorporates every one of the implications of the 11, but it also allows their expression in the form of tangible accomplishment. The symbolises creation and construction at the highest possible level. That is synonymous with energy, power, strength, influence and also realization. It is essentially linked … Full summary

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The 11 symbolises transcendence, revelations, intuition, inspiration and also the gift the clairvoyance. That is synonymous with a greater intelligence and extremely elevated ideals in ~ an summary level. That is especially associated with the aspect of air, the sign of Aquarius, eleventh sign of the zodiac, a… Full description
The 11 symbolises transcendence, revelations, intuition, inspiration and the gift the clairvoyance. That is synonymous with a higher intelligence and also extremely elevated ideals at an summary level. It is especially connected with the element of air, the sign of Aquarius, eleventh sign of the zodiac, a… Full summary
with three master numbers in her first name, one shouldn" be surprised to learn that Monet is rather an extraordinary character - a logical conclusion, because these vibrations are not always easy come assimilate since they are synonymous v glory, self-transcendence and good aspirations... Obviously such a grandiose program can lead to considerable success of a material, an imaginative or humanitarian nature, thereby revealing herself to be an inspired woman that is in harmony v the cosmos. Her destiny might take she far and also to light heights the reality, especially due to the fact that Monet understands the worth of patience and perseverance when remaining rather stubborn - obstinate even, since she intuitively senses the time is on she side. This course is no without the pitfalls which encompass a particular amount of concerned tension as well as an inclination come extremism and also even fanaticism due to the fact that she often tends to monitor her ideas through to the boundaries of possibility; yet these idiosyncrasies room all component of she genius. Nevertheless, most of the time, Monet will experience these vibrations one octave below, in ~ the level the the 2 (rather 보다 11), or the the 4 (instead that 22). She is fairly a contradiction and can often be disconcerting come observe. Sensitive, impulsive, inspired and also highly emotional with intuitive capability to competitor those of a medium, she is also dependent, impatient and also naive, and also tends to escape right into fantasy, passivity or even apathy and carelessness. This propensity will be much more pronounced if she was born ~ above the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th job of the month or if she Life course Number is 2. However, she can additionally be reserved, patient and also displays significant self-mastery; supposedly insensitive, pragmatic, cautious and also wary v a huge capacity for occupational that will certainly serve her ambition well. This propensity is accentuated if she was born top top a 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st work of the month or if she Life route Number is 4. Motivation is certainly the magic word and also she will only fully and completely invest it s her in a mission the is of her choosing. If she is unable to achieve her goals, she is most likely to become sullen, irascible, envious and bitter; constructing much more or much less impossibly utopian projects - unless she is able come live she aspirations for greatness v the intermediary of her partner" success. Yet if life allows her to fulfil her ambitions, Monet will certainly expertly incorporate intuition and creativity through her talent for organization and accomplishment without ever before looking back. Together a child, Monet is extremely receptive and highly sentimental, do her particularly sensitive as soon as it comes to domestic harmony. She has a good need for security and affection as result of a definite lack of self-confidence, tending come withdraw into a morose indulgence that apathy and also carelessness at the slightest emotionally upheaval, shedding all attention for her institution work. She is ruled by she emotions and also if she makes an effort it is regularly with the intention of pleasing she parents - at least at first. Encourage her creative streak, because your daughter can reveal herself to be very talented young lady indeed.
Monet is a tender and also sentimental spirit who would certainly do nearly anything because that for those she loves. She has a true feeling of friendship and solidarity while she is attracted by the irrational, mystery, magic and the weird and also wonderful. She enjoys cooperating v her peers and proves to it is in conciliatory and also accommodating. Once it comes to love, she can be fairly out of reach due to her too much modesty and also shyness, an unified with specific communication difficulties. Bright and also intuitive, she wishes that her partner will number her out anyway and also she can be known to wait fairly a lengthy time because that this to happen... Nonetheless she renders an attentive mother and also she wouldn" dream of being unfaithful.
She might be tempted to devote herself to her family and put her experienced aspirations top top the earlier burner. But it won" be long prior to she feel the must invest herself in a career the will bring her fulfilment, due to the fact that she could end up being quite embittered there is no activity. Occupations that space liable to appeal come her are those in link with listening, psychology, advice, children, astrology, graphology..., those regarded numbers and figures: accounting, management, marketing..., request patience and meticulousness (dressmaking...) or order and method, those in link with nature, animals and also the earth..., If she stays her understand numbers she could succeed in one of the much more ambitious professions (politics because that example), or in humanitarian missions; foreign countries and international affairs are additionally likely come appeal to her.

Note: two or more very first names have the right to have the same definition - this is intended. Indeed, the names have actually the exact same numerology numbers. It" just like in astrology as soon as two people with the same sign re-superstructure the exact same characteristics!

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