What’s the ‘M’ stand for?

This is among the most frequently asked inquiries from brides once they first arrive in our studio. What on planet does that random “M” was standing for on the RSVP card?

A tiny invitation background is crucial to find the answer. Century ago, it was common for guests to in reality write and also mail their own solution to a party or wedding; the hosts of the event were no responsible to produce this card.

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“Répondez s’il vous plaît” would certainly be printed on the bottom right corner of the invitation, and also no different RSVP card would be included with the invitation. Guests to be responsible for creating a little note (on their own stationery, no less!) to indicate whether or no they would certainly be attending the event, then pay because that the postage and mail it earlier to the host.


This is a tiny different than today’s custom that seems less strict when it involves the formalities that RSVP cards. Many brides today have RSVP cards the guests to fill on a published or engraved card v their name, their guest, and also their enjoy the meal choice, then mail it back to the hold in an envelope already containing prepaid postage and also a printed address.

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During the change over time the the RSVP card and also many brides dropping the timeless formality that used to be forced of responses, the RSVP card has shifted to encompass a singular “M” before the published line because that a guest name.This is a prompt to the guests of wherein to create their names. The “M” is the beginning of the official title- Mr./Mrs./Miss- and it is to ensure that guests don’t forget to actually incorporate their names. This is the most crucial part, ~ all!


Do I need to Keep the “M”?

Many Persnickety brides room abandoning the singular M for words “Name” or even just an empty line. This is acceptable because that more modern-day or less formal events. However, if her wedding drops in the group of ultra classic or is a black color tie affair, we imply sticking v tradition and also including the “M” on your RSVP card.

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