I’ve to be thinking about it, and also that poem, that male that wrote it, he supposed you’re gold when you’re a kid, like green. Once you’re a child everything’s new, dawn. It’s just when you get used to whatever that it’s day. Prefer the means you destruction sunsets, Pony. That’s gold. Store that way, it’s a good way to be…–S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders

There’s a poem by Robert Frost, the wonderful man, dubbed “Nothing Gold have the right to Stay,” essentially speaking come the unpreventable loss that innocence and also self and wonder the comes v age:

Nature’s an initial green is gold, her hardest hue come hold. Her at an early stage leaf’s a flower; however only for this reason an hour. Then sheet subsides to leaf. For this reason Eden sank to grief, for this reason dawn goes under to day. Naught gold have the right to stay.

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The very first green explode of nature, prefer people, easily becomes corrupted after ~ the very first instance that springs into the world. Its first sprout is gold–true, real, honest, innocent, earnest–but then all of this fades and also gives in to the world approximately it. As Frost gift this, its completely inevitable.

In The Outsiders, however, two personalities are analysis this poem and discuss it and also decide that they don’t have to be favor that first green the nature; that they can, indeed, “stay gold.”

I quickly ended up being obsessed v the principle of remaining gold, and not just since it sounds lovely and retro and also just cheesy sufficient when you to speak it to someone: “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.” everyone comes into this human being completely, purely, gold–full the wonder and curiosity and intrigue and life, but the ways of the human being do their finest to stay all the down, to do one revolve from one’s true self. Ns think, in all of my travels and also adventures and also relationships, all I want to perform is stay gold.

Staying gold method keeping that childlike wonder. I desire to constantly dig things choose the method Ponyboy tho digs sunsets.

I think it means doing her damndest to it is in yourself and stay true come yourself….even if you’re not certain what the “self” is.

To stay gold, come me, method that I continue to notification the world and refuse to it is in jaded through it, yet continue to seek adventure.

And, come tell the truth…I’m additionally a bit of a magpie. “Gold” speak to my much more earthly enjoyments, i suppose, those items that i covet and hold dear.

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“Stay Gold” incorporate what I try to execute in life, i guess, and also once it emerged to me, it just kind that stuck. I shot to notice, to seek, come improve. Come “stay” while still relocating toward something that hasn’t quite been figured out yet.