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Sorry have the right to be abbreviated together SOZOther shorthands for Sorry are: sowwy, SOWIE, SRY, SS, Sor, sft, SRRY, SAT, sowi, sz, GOMEN, SRI, SBT, ssry
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Calling females a hoe or a sket doesn"t uncomfortable or create us choose it did once upon a time fellas. Soz. Try again.

akbak2012 : Soz is the pits. Once his sister was abducted through JKLF in 1991 his dad wept copious tears before me. I got her freed. Thanks!

Just had actually the many awkward photo ever before with an Apprentice contestant. Soz if u haven"t viewed show. Caption comp...

Don"t buy this tickets off this round bag...I"ve simply cancelled them. Soz
SohailYousif, but I hate touts!! #Whopper

Eyyy ns took a nap ~ DnD, woke up n was getting outta bed, passed the end n had actually a monster dream about time/space. No stream gotta hurry soz D:

Somebody just text me this. 19 & in Bristol. #soz xo

FourFourTwo, might 2015. Soz abar us! #LFC

Of the Night ns CRYING (soz because that my poor singing) #WildWildWorldTour

I don"t know why world care around Starbucks red cups. I"ve tried to care however nope. Nothing. Soz.#iwontcarenextyeareither

A little of a ranty (and long, soz) update from me, folks: ft.

NEW key CHANNEL VIDEO: My everyday Makeup (soz for being the worst assembly person ever before lol)

On second look. Tommy"s shot looks dubious. Dom Peru looks a identify try! (Soz because that spelling!)

Like, soz if you don"t agree v my political see (which is clear because you wouldn"t complain otherwise), however don"t try to silence me.

Only 6 Eps bcoz I compose it by myself, + producing starting and part-directing..? Soz however I need time next to clock YouTube makeup tutorials

in instance you let go it critical night, i announced a brand-new album, artwork, a new track and video, i"m therefore giddy. RTing them every right currently soz x

Barbadiyon ka soz manana fizool tha, barbadiyon ka jashn manata chala gaya

A little bit of history, a bit of constitution, a little bit of optimism. Carry out read this piece by Professor Saifuddin Soz.

10 indications the human you fancy clearly ain"t into you. Soz.

Today is #NationalCoffeeDay Unfortunately we don"t have any type of on the menu for those joining us for Breakfast Club. #LukeWarmTapWaterOnly #Soz


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Q: A: What go SOZ stand for? SOZ represents "Sorry".
Q: A: how to abbreviate "Sorry"? "Sorry" have the right to be abbreviated together SOZ.
Q: A: What is the meaning of SOZ abbreviation? The an interpretation of SOZ abbreviation is "Sorry".
Q: A: What is SOZ abbreviation? among the interpretations of SOZ is "Sorry".
Q: A: What go SOZ mean? SOZ as abbreviation way "Sorry".
Q: A: What is shorthand the Sorry? The most typical shorthand that "Sorry" is SOZ.

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