Long words have actually a tendency to get shorter with time, and with today’s society media crazed world, shorter words and also acronyms space making their way into the English language every day.

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For example, in 2016, as soon as Collins, the English dictionary, exit its “words the the year list,” the list consisted of the complying with words:


JOMO is one acronym that represents the “Joy Of missing Out,” and also it follows in the footsteps of other recent standards such as YOLO and FOMO.

Basically, JOMO describes the pleasure one feels as soon as they pass up top top plans v others.


A catchy name for “Britain’s Exit” out of the european Union, Brexit has come to be such a fashionable word over the past couple of years that it pops increase in virtually every conversation around politics these days.

This propensity towards much shorter words can likewise be discovered in what us write simply as much as the does in what we say. For instance, /s is an excellent case in point: that is a term the can concerned abbreviate several various other words.


What does /s mean?

Even despite /s is used way more in creating that that is offered in speech, that has involved have a couple of meanings. The is offered to denote sarcasm within digital communities, particularly on Reddit forums and other online post boards. For the physicists and also scientists the end there, /s is a math notation that means per second. The hatchet is also used in HTML coding to strike v a certain portion of text. And, one antiquated use of /s is to describe a signature once quoting documents.

/s and also sarcasm

Sarcasm is a ethereal art, one that quickly goes over the head that a lot of people. The point with sarcasm is that people may it is in unsure whether the human speaking actually way what they to speak or lock are simply being sarcastic.

And the only way to call the distinction is contextual, an interpretation it counts on, among many various other things, our previous understanding of the person speaking, how the human being said the sentence consisting of their ton of voice, what was said prior to in the conversation, and where the conversation is being held.

However, this is the internet, where many things room devoid of context, an individual doesn’t understand 90 percent that the other civilization they are interacting with, and great luck come anyone trying to discern who else’s tone of voice together they compose something down.

To make matters worse, human being used to be happy relying top top 140 personalities to send each other completely formed concepts in the type of tweets (Mind you, when speaking about characters, we room talking around letters and spaces, no words.

The words in between these base alone make up 246 characters, without counting the brackets. Imagine seeing this sentence yet having no context for it.)

Thank God Twitter enhanced the allowable variety of characters indigenous 140 to 280. /s

As a an outcome of this lack of context, it yes, really isn’t daunting to imagine all the misunderstandings and also disagreements that fester.

For example, it wake up quite often that someone says something sarcastically, just to be called out through someone who didn’t gain the joke. This is wherein /s comes in.

In order to prevent these disagreements, civilization online placed /s, also known as the sarcasm switch, in ~ the finish of their sentences come signal that they were being sarcastic around what they had actually just said.

Here are a pair of examples:

Professor James is my favourite professor; the man knows his stuff. /S

Me: just how much will certainly repairing the laptop cost?Technician: You’re looking in ~ 250 bucks.Me: oh great, her prices room so cheap the they’re practically a steal. /s

Other cases similar to /s

It is precious noting that making use of a slash and also a letter come contextualize a sentence or even an entire paragraph isn’t an isolated incident; the internet has been making use of this trick for a while.

In fact, using a slash complied with by a qualifier provides context for whatever that’s been said prior to it. For example, if I use /rant after a lengthy paragraph, I’m letting the readers recognize two things:

Everything before the “/rant” was me ranting and also venting about something bothering and also that I needed to gain off my chest.I am now done through my rant.

As a issue of fact, /s began out together a slash complied with by the qualifier-descriptor “sarcasm.” it wasn’t until way later the /sarcasm gained shortened to /s.

What room the origins of /s?

Of all places, /s gained its begin in HTML, which represents HyperText Markup Language and is the simple coding language provided to power the internet.

In fact, everything you check out on this page, including the short article you are reading right now has actually been created using HTML.

In HTML, whenever you want to give the browser an order, you usage angle brackets to create tags, i beg your pardon look favor this: “”.

What wake up is the these tags permit the browser know how to display screen a specific page. The tag can style the text, develop hyperlinks, insert tables and images and do much more.

Tags come in pairs. Because that every “” at the start of a text, there needs to be a “” at the finish of that text. Below is a straightforward example:

Let’s say I wanted to allow the browser know that i was about to write a brand-new sub-heading, for this reason I’ll usage the “h4” heading tags.

New sub-heading:

When the internet browser sees the above sentence, that will translate the tags as signifying that this is a brand-new heading and should it is in formatted together such. The final rendering would look favor this:

New sub-heading:

So, why does any type of of this matter?

Well, this is exactly how /s started. At the really beginning, an individual that wanted to it is in sarcastic would certainly start and end your statement through sarcastic quotes. It would certainly look something like this:

A sarcastic statement that no one should take literally.

The sarcasm sign were an alleged to look at exactly comparable to the other tags offered with HTML.

The only distinction was that rather than being supposed for the browser, these tags were targeted in ~ the actual people reading the text in the wishes of preventing them from obtaining the dorn idea.

However, through time, this tags acquired shortened native … come ….

After a small while, the early stage tag to be dropped, leaving only in ~ the end of sarcastic statements.

Fast forward a bit and even the angle brackets top top that 2nd tag were tossed, leaving us v /s only. And, that is just how we finished up with /s denoting sarcasm.

/s in HTML

The funny thing is that … is actually offered in HTML coding and also not because that sarcasm.

These room tags the are used to allow the internet browser strike v a details piece of text, indicating that was written was no much longer correct.

For instance, if someone had one created on your blog:

I support the so and so community.

A few years later, ours blogger has had a change of heart, and also they no much longer support the previously mentioned community.

They want to let the be known that they have changed their opinions, but they do not want to hide their earlier position.

So, instead of deleting what they had actually said a few years earlier, they decision to keep it yet strike v it just to display that that is no much longer true.

So, they would write:

I support the so and so community.,

And it would certainly look something prefer this:

I support the so and so community.

/s in the sciences

Physicists choose to measure and also compare different quantities.

For example, physicists specify speed together measuring the street a human body covers over a specific duration of time.

If the unit the measuring street were meter and the unit for time were second, climate a physicist would be asking themselves how plenty of meters does this human body cover every second?

In mathematics notation, it would be written as “m/s.”

In fact, /s method per 2nd and deserve to be offered in any type of context in i m sorry time is a factor.

Here space a couple of more examples:

The measurement of strength is J/s, which stands for Joule every second.

The dimension of angular speed is rad/s, which means radian per second.

/s in quoting documents

Now, this one is a bit old, but a while back, as soon as quoting a document, an “s” between two slashes was offered to indicate a hand-written signature and also was put at the close up door of the document.

For example, let’s say us were quoting one old letter, and at the end of the letter, we wrote:



Chandler Bing, the procurements manager

Seeing the “/s/” in ~ the end means that Chandler Bing’s hand-written signature was at the bottom the the original record right after words “Sincerely.”

/s: pack it all up

Language it is adapted to the times, and also today’s online conversations require a means to include some context, i beg your pardon is where conversation tags like the sarcasm switch, /s, come in handy.

What was likewise fascinating was to see exactly how this tag, like several other words, got shortened with time and also went from 2 tags come a solitary slash followed by a solitary letter.

This act of truncation wasn’t restricted to virtual conversations; physicists usage it to display physical quantities.

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It was likewise enjoyable to see how the exact same expression deserve to play totally different functions in one old practice, quoting documents, and in a brand-new one, composing HTML code.