1. What "circumstances" perform Ponyboy"s teacher refer to? What scenarios does Ponyboy think his teacher is referring to?The situations that Ponyboys teacher is referring to is the he has actually missed a the majority of school and also if he come up through a great semester template he will certainly pass Ponyboy with a C grade. The situations Ponyboy thinks the his teacher is introduce to is the he was goofing up because he remained in a the majority of trouble.

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2. Why doesn"t Ponyboy feel scared as soon as the socs approach him and he threatens them with a broken bottle (p.170-171)? how is this a dramatic readjust from the Ponyboy we have actually seen up until this point?Ponyboy does no feel scared when the socs approach because that is usage to facing his fears and also he knows the the socs room "just guys" like the greasers and also they don"t choose to fight either. This is a large change since at the beginning of this story Ponyboy is scared stiff every time he come close to a socs and also now that wasn"t scared at all. 3. What walk Darry median when the says, "you don"t simply stop living because you shed someone" (p.173)?When Darry says that "you don"t simply stop living because you lose someone" he means that it"s no the finish of the world and everyone die eventually. The was your time come go and also sooner or later on you require to move on with your life. 4. Exactly how do we recognize Sandy didn"t love Soda as much as he loved her?We understand that Sandy didn"t love Soda the way he lover her since she moved away to Florida after he asked her to marry him. Soda wrote her a letter however Sandy sent out it right ago without opening the envelope. 5. Explain how Darry and also Ponyboy beat tug that war through Soda.Darry and also Ponyboy pat a tug of war with Soda due to the fact that they are constantly trying to obtain him to pick one side of the fight. This harms Soda to ever before hear them fight yet to need to pick a side is just unbearable. 6. What execute we learn was so special about Johnny (p.178)?We discover that johnny to be so special because he listened to more problems in the gang. He cared around what you to be saying and also he thought that that didn"t do sufficient in his lifetime and had never ever been out of their neighborhood.7. What go Ponyboy finish up doing for his English assignment?The assignment that Ponyboy decides to execute for English is write around what taken place from the very beginning. The wrote around the troubles with the socs, to run away to Windrexville, and Johnny and also Dally"s death. This novel is the assignment the Ponyboy created for his English.
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