The acronym “pol” is a simple one that everyone has actually probably offered now and again in message messages or online when responding to a friend, family members member or co-worker. If someone has actually used the in response to something girlfriend said and also you are here because you don’t know what the means, then congratulations! You have actually reached the exactly spot to uncover what you room looking for. Below you will find the an interpretation of this term, part information about its origin, optional interpretations if there are any to be found, and also some instance conversations for this reason you have the right to see how the acronym is correctly supplied in context. Finally, you will check out some alternate words or phrases the you deserve to use in ar of this acronym that are synonymous v the original phrase.

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POL Meaning

POL Meaning

What does POL Mean?

The acronym “pol” is offered to stand for the phrase “passed the end laughing,” insinuating the upon its usage someone discovered something for this reason funny that they laughed till they were unconscious.

Origin of POL

There is no certain origin details available regarding the meaning of “pol” in this form. However, it is known that it has been provided in this respect since at least 2010 and also most likely was used prior to that. The derives indigenous the typical laughing answer of “lol” taking it a couple of steps forward to express other is so funny the it warrants more than simply a an easy “lol.”

Other Meanings

In addition to the an interpretation stated above, “pol” additionally has part other meanings on the internet. As a term, words is claimed to be short for words “pollock” and also “politics or politicians.” when surrounded through backslashes, /pol/, the term is known as the location of a team on the website 4chan referred to as “Politically Incorrect” where users discuss world news, present events, and politics. “Pol” can also mean the Russian word for sex, as in gender, not intercourse. There are many other meanings mentioned also, but the ones defined here space the most prevalent.

Example Conversations

A message discussion between mother and also daughter.

Mother: What is for this reason funny, Mikayla?Daughter: girlfriend should have just watched what taken place on the bus?Mother: was it that funny?Daughter: correctly! I practically POL!!

An digital conversation between two facebook users.

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User 1: (shares video) you all have to watch this! i POL!User 2: OMG! That’s hilarious! I must stop laughing and catch my breath before I pass the end too!

Alternatives to “POL”

There are several different phrases that you deserve to use in location of the hatchet “pol” that would relay the same post or meaning. Some of the different phrases you can use include:

lmao, laughing mine a$$ offroflmao, rojo on floor laughing mine a$$ offtff, also f
#$king funny

“POL” synonyms list

LML (laughing foolish aloud).It crack me up.LMAO (Laughing mine ass off).It had actually me dice of laughter.ROFL (Rolling ~ above the floor laughing).It make me laugh.It was amusing.It was comical.It was humorous.It was priceless.It was side-splitting.I burst right into laughter.I burst the end laughing.

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