The tale of Oedipus is famed within Greek Mythology. Born to King Laius and also Queen Jocasta of Thebes, Oedipus was destined to be damned every his life. Upon birth, a prophecy surrounding him foresaw the he would certainly murder his very own father and marry his own mother. The prophecy led him to it is in abandoned, and also later, saved and embraced by the childless king and also queen that Corinth.

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Later in life, Oedipus reigned end Thebes, not learning that he has actually fulfilled the prophecy until a pester strikes the city. His decision to discover a cure and the factors behind it led to the shocking truth that that had, in fact, killed his very own father and also married his own mother. This reality led come the demise of his wife and mother and also brought Oedipus to remote himself making use of two gold pins native Jocasta’s regal dress. Metaphorically, this is an action of punishment the Oedipus placed on himself since he is embarrassing of what he has actually done.

Early Life

King Laius and Queen Jocasta had been longing to have actually a son of your own. Search the advice native the oracle in Delphi, they to be upset ~ above the answer provided to them.

The oracle prophesied that if they bore a child, a son from their blood and flesh, he will prosper up and also later death his own father and also marry his own mother. This came as a shock to both King Laius and Queen Jocasta. Hearing this, King Laius make the efforts to continue to be away from Jocasta to no sleep with her, yet eventually, Jocasta to be pregnant with a child.

Jocasta offered birth to a son, and Laius made decision to give up the child upon the mountains and also leave it to die. He notified his servants to pierce the children ankle so the it would certainly not have the ability to crawl, and even later in the child’s life, come inflict harm unto him.

Laius then offered the boy to a shepherd who was ordered to bring the boy to the mountains and also leave him over there to die. The shepherd was so overwhelmed by his feelings that he might not do it, however he was likewise afraid that disobeying the king’s order. Coincidentally, an additional shepherd, a Corinthian, passed by the same mountain with his flocks, and also the Thebes shepherd handed end the child to him.

Oedipus, the Corinthian Prince

The shepherd carried the kid to the court of King Polybus and Queen Merope of Corinth. Both king and also queen were childless, so they decided to take on him and also raise him as their own upon being presented through the child. And with that, they called him Oedipus, which method “Swollen Ankle.”

As Oedipus prospered up, he was told that both King Polybus and also Queen Merope were no his bear parents. And so, to learn about the truth around his parents, he ended up in Delphi, seek answers native the Oracle.

Instead of being presented v the answer the he was looking for, he to be told the he would kill his father and marry his mother. Top top hearing this, he was horrified and didn’t want the prophecy come come true, therefore he made decision to flee indigenous Corinth.

As that wandered, that crossed paths with a chariot carrying King Laius, his birth father. An argument emerged as come whom need to pass first, which led to Oedipus killing the charioteer and his father, King Laius. However, one of Laius’ servants controlled to escaped indigenous Oedipus’ wrath.

Meeting v the Sphinx

Soon after, Oedipus met through the Sphinx, who was gate-guarding the entrance right into Thebes’ city. The Sphinx presented Oedipus v a riddle. She would let Oedipus pass if he managed to deal with her riddle, however if not, he would be devoured.

The riddle goes favor this: “What walks on 4 feet in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in ~ night?”

Oedipus gave cautious thought and answered “Man,” and also the answer was correct come the Sphinx’s dismay. Defeated, the Sphinx climate hurled herself off the stone she to be sitting on and died.

Following his win in beating the Sphinx and freeing the city from it, Oedipus was rewarded the hand the the queen and also the throne the Thebes.

Strikes of the plague

Several year passed, and also a plague hit the city that Thebes. Oedipus sent out Creon, his brother-in-law, to Delphi come consult with the Oracle. Creon went back to the city and also told Oedipus the the afflict was divine retribution for killing the previous king that has never been lugged to justice.

Oedipus swore to gain to the bottom of the matter. He had no idea that the killer was in reality himself. he consulted the remote seer, Tiresias, on the matter, yet Tiresias mentioned that Oedipus was, in fact, the one that was responsible because that the killing.

Oedipus refused to think that he was the one responsible. Instead, he accused Tiresias of plotting with Creon to dethrone him.

The reality unravels


Jocasta do the efforts to lull Oedipus and notified him about what had actually happened to her late husband throughout the process. To Oedipus’ dismay, the sounded similar to what he had encountered years earlier that caused the dispute with the unknown charioteer.

Eventually, Oedipus identified that he had killed his very own father and married his own mommy soon after. After hearing and learning around the unstable truth, Jocasta chose to take it her very own life through hanging it s her in she chamber. Oedipus discovered Jocasta’s lifeless body, and also took two golden pins from she regal dress and pricked both the his eyes out.

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Creon exiled Oedipus, that was add by his daughter, Antigone. Soon after, both that them finished up in a town outside Athens, referred to as Colonus. According to a prophecy, this is the town that Oedipus was an alleged to die in, and there he was buried in a grave committed to the Erinyes.