Everyone knows that “moshi moshi ” is what Japanese civilization say when they price the telephone.

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But what go it yes, really mean?

There is a legend the kitsune (shape-shifting fox-spirits) can not say “moshi moshi ” , therefore if who answers through that phrase, you recognize she should be a real human being – or at the very least not a kitsune.

However, that isn’t wherein the phrase comes from. That is in reality a contraction/doubling of the word 申す mousu, which is the humble form of 言う iu – “say”.

So “moshi moshi ” is yes, really a polite, humble method of speak “speaking, speaking” or “I say, ns say”.

Moshi moshi is not only supplied on the telephone. The can likewise be supplied to speak to someone’s fist in person. Sort of choose saying “Is everyone home?” when someone doesn’t it seems ~ to it is in listening.

The joint of moshi moshi different somewhat, for this reason it have the right to come out sounding like




Other locations we often find the mousu the moshi moshi space in unit volume like

(私は)メアリーと申します(Watashi wa) mar to moushimasMy surname is Mary

What this literally method is “(I am) said Mary” – a little bit like the French je m’appelle Mary (I contact myself Mary).

The usual method of speak this would certainly be

(私は)メアリーと言います(Watashi wa) mar to iimasu

which also method “(I am) stated Mary”. By utilizing moushi-masu rather of ii-masu you are transforming it into something choose “humble small me is claimed Mary”. You usage this on much more formal occasions, favor meeting your Japanese ceo for the first time.

Another typical place we discover the moushi the moshi-moshi is in the expression:

申し訳ありませんmoushi-wake arimasen

which the dictionaries frequently translate together “I’m sorry”.

A Japanese beginner as soon as wrote come me

びょうき で もうしわけ ありません(in grown-up Japanese: 病気で申し訳ありません)Byouki de moushi-wake arimasen

What she supposed was “I’m i m really sorry you are sick”.

But what moushi-wake arimasen literally way is something favor “there is no excuse I can humbly say”.

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It does of course mean “I’m sorry” but not the “I’m sorry” the “I’m i m really sorry you’ve been sick” – well, no unless your bad cooking to be to blame because that it.

Dictionaries, choose textbooks, have the right to be confusing!

Ever wondered what this words really mean?

Urusai, Yurusanai, Oishii, Yatta, Yokatta

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