Mālama is the Hawaiian word “to care for and also protect.” You’ll generally hear words mālama linked with the phrase, “Mālama ka ‘aina,” definition to take care of the land.

Hawaiians, come this day, love, preserve, and also protect the land. It is the resource of ours living. If we take treatment of it, it will take treatment of us.

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The word mālamacan be supplied in other methods too. If you’re in Hawaii and are speak goodbye come someone, they could tell you, “Mālama pono” meaning to “watch out” or “be careful.”

Another usual phrase is “Mālama Honua” which means to take treatment of the earth. Once we defend the planet, we save it well because that future generations.

Mālama can also mean tending to others. Those who live the value of mālama have a bigger perspective. They view that every person suffers from something and needs nurturing and love. These features may come normally to several of us, but, for others, this are skills that take it time and also practice to develop.

When us mālama, check out the requirements of others, the world, and also ourselves, and we answer responsibly.

Like numerous of the other Hawaiian values, we deserve to implement the worth of mālama in our stays through service, protecting, and also nurturing. An interesting thing around mālama is that when we care for others, we actually carry out healing because that ourselves too.

It’s an exciting paradox, however makes sense. After all, Christ said that “…whosoever will conserve his life shall shed it: however whosoever will shed his life for my sake, the same shall conserve it” (Luke 9:24).

When we proactively seek opportunities to care for others, we uncover ourselves, as well as purpose and definition in ours lives.

Here space other methods to live the worth of mālama.

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Mālamais Selfless Service

When ns was around 16 year old, ns remember gift hungry a lot because we stayed in poverty. For numerous nights, mother put random points together for dinner. She extended out the budget plan by making things homemade, and we commonly ate every critical crumb of ours meals. 

We were faithful church members and also made friendships with a lot of world there. One of the friendships to be with complete filipino aunty Fabi, who simply married complete Mexican Uncle Al. They invited us to their house and whenever they did, there was guarantee to it is in a many food. 

Uncle Al made delicious, authentic mexico food, and Aunty Fabi do mouth-watering, yes, really Filipino food. Both were skilled cooks.

“You eat prefer birds,” Uncle Al teased when our stomachs to fill up fast at his house. There were 5 of us, but we barely made a dent come the tray that enchiladas. Ours stomachs to be small. 

Uncle Al and Aunt Fabi exemplified mālama to me. Lock served and cared for us, as soon as our own parents couldn’t perform that because that us: Emotionally, Uncle Al would crack jokes to make us laugh; Physically, lock both fed us; and also mentally, they genuinely asked about our school tasks and whereabouts.

Mālama provides all… there’s no stop back.

One day, mine older sisters complained there was no food in the house. She was the many vocal that the siblings, brave sufficient to argue back with dad. I think God sent out angels to assist us due to the fact that several hours later, Uncle Al proved up with a substantial tray that enchiladas. 

Mālama. Care. Tend. Protect. Preserve. Uncle Al and also Aunt Fabi probably had actually no idea what a difference they made… castle were simply doing their finest to care for others. As soon as we live v an attitude of mālama, we have the right to spread aloha in so countless ways… means that we didn’t also know to be possible.

Honor yourself and also others

Mālama means to take care of yourself too. If you don’t take treatment of her emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, it is challenging to serve others. Respect your an individual dignity by trying self care tasks and refueling her spirit.

You honor others when you seek self innovation and shot to come to be your best self.

Mālama ka ‘aina

Take treatment of the land. As I claimed earlier, when you take care of the land, that takes treatment of you. In the Hawaiian saying, “Nana ns ke kumu” we learn to look to the land together a resource of knowledge, inspiration, and also physical nourishment. 

When we treatment for and respect the land and also its creatures, that does the same for us. The teaches us valuable life lessons and provides peace.

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I have actually learned many things indigenous observing God’s creations, particularly the sea turtles in Hilo. During a trying time in my life, i sat at the coast every morning, city hall the sea turtles swimming in from the ocean. Your gracious presence, way eyes, and also kind spirits teach me a lot of life lessons.

From communicating with and also caring for God’s creations, ns felt nurtured and also refreshed in return.

Mālama inspires us to safeguard the chaste

There space a lot of of disastrous things walking on in the civilization today, whether we desire to revolve a blind eye to it or not: human being trafficking, racism, abortion, abuse, poverty, starvation, etc.

We can’t do everything for everyone, however we deserve to support reasons we feeling passionately about, even if it is that’s through increasing awareness, educating ourselves, or volunteering time, money, or resources.

When we protect the innocent, we honor the worth of human life. We live a pono life, restoring balance in the world.

Mālama is loving aloha

Mālama is an inspiring Hawaiian value that, once practiced, can bring a the majority of joy. I’m sure Uncle Al and also Aunt Fabi discovered joy in offer our family. Their food, made with love, lugged us pleasure too.

Can you imagine what the civilization would be favor if we all cared for one another a little more? If we served a tiny more? the doesn’t even have to be huge. Even just having actually a lighthearted conversation v a cashier, a smile to a stranger, or a quiet company to a family member have the right to foster the value of mālama in our homes and lives.

When we discover to mālama, us invite the continuous flow that aloha, love, right into our lives, thereby producing paradise ideal where us are. 

With aloha, 


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It’s her turn!

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