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Twenty-three year after he biffed the kick the would have actually won the dolphins their 2nd Super key (clarification: in the genuine Super Bowl, the Niners to win the dolphin 38-16), Miami still can"t field a competitive team.
More importantly, Finkle"s curse top top Dan Marino, who failed to store the laces the end while holding for the well known kick, has lugged over to the post-Marino era.
Marino never ever made it earlier to the huge game after Finkle"s flub...but even with Marino long-since retired, Miami is still flailing to replace him in ~ quarterback.

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They were all mediocre quarterbacks for the Miami Dolphins. And now you can add one more name to the list: Trent Green.
Trent"s arrival in Miami has been rumored because that so long that Tuesday"s profession was more anticlimactic than Lindsay Lohan acquiring busted for cocaine. However now the the deal is finally done, what perform the Dolphins in reality have?
Let"s confront it: Trent green is 36 years old. He"s coming turn off a year in which that missed fifty percent the season after suffering what Kansas City Chiefs GM Carl Petersen defined as a "very, very severe concussion." and also now he"s the savior in Miami?
For those of friend still paying attention, the underlying truth of this screed is that the dolphin did themselves and their entire fanbase a disservice by happen on one Brayden Tyler "Brady" Quinn in the very first round that the NFL Draft—instead opting for overrated Ohio State speedster Teddy Ginn Jr.
I"ve checked out young Mr. Quinn come up brief in a number of big-time games, being a USC Trojan booster and also all (tip: watch my profile). However make no mistake: The kid"s obtained potential...enough potential to provide hope come those south Florida football fans still wait to rest the dreaded Curse of ray Finkle.

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Unfortunately, Wayne Huizenga, Randy Mueller, and Cam Cameron, their brains probably cooked by the Floridian heat, allowed their desire to buck the conventional wisdom to acquire the best of them. 
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