One of my absolute favorite movie is Roberto Benigni’s “La Vita e Bella” or “Life is beautiful.” regardless of its sad yet powerful message, the humorous and also genuine facets are what acquired to me at the core. The same way writing, especially travel writing, did. 

La Vita e Bella went back to Italy native the 1999 Academy awards through four gold Oscars. Presented by the beautiful Sophia Lorren, Roberto Begini’s speech is what I’m here to create about. As very first the crowd, and later Sophia, announced “Roberto!”, Benigni made his means to the stage by literally jumping v the seats. In his speech he is overwhelmed with happiness in a method that just shows just how he made this movie through every cell in his heart. He made everyone laugh and also cry in ~ the very same time, the same way he did as he acted and also directed his “La Vita e Bella.” 

Close come the finish of his speech he says “I dedicate this prize for those who space not here and also gave their stays in order for us to say life is beautiful.” even though he’s particularly referring to those who shed their lives throughout the Holocaust, the made me wonder all the points we have to go through, to lose, to discover in stimulate to have the ability to truly speak La Vita e Bella. 

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Even though experiencing is inevitable, i don’t believe people have to failure in order to find happiness or to find out in this life.

I came here to Rome, in love through Italy because I was really young. Mine Italian cousins (only through nationality) provided to invite me and my family to the restaurant in the Italian consulate in Cairo. My small family of three and also their bigger family of 5 used to sit at round tables, eat the most authentic Italian food and eavesdrop ~ above those who space conversing in Italian. Ns later became friends with wonderful Italians in my camp, CISV, in 2013 and also in 2015 and decided that Italy will certainly be my following stop. Then I experienced Roberto’s movie and also dared to start finding out Italian while wait for an possibility that came four years later.

When the opportunity came ns was overjoyed; however, ns wondered why go it have to be in ~ a time as soon as I was shattered indigenous the within from many things earlier home. I want to it is in whole and happy when I to be living my dream yet I wasn’t going to waste mine opportunity and also I knew the pasta, gelato and sfoligatella will fix my broken heart.

And lock did. Only partially. 

Many rollercoaster of emotions, things to transaction with, others to put on hold. Tears to spurt favor floods that have actually been waiting to come out. Ache the reaches the core of her heart and the marrow of your bones quite literally were all sad transits in between the beautiful time I’m having actually in Italy. 

Even though experiencing is inevitable, ns don’t think people have actually to malfunction in stimulate to uncover happiness or to discover in this life. Through tiny moment of awareness, I had the ability to say life is beautiful and also mean the a year ago, and although my Italy journey is no over yet since I’m tho leaving in two weeks, ns hope together I take it the last picture of Italy through my eye on the plane back to Cairo I deserve to look in ~ this bella that is Italy, speak life is beautiful, and mean it. 


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