A girlfriend of mine came right into my office through an north fortune cookie. Sounds to me choose a thoughtful quandary. What speak you, O people of cg-tower.com?

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Bad Luck… AHHHHHHHHH!Throw the away!!!!!!!!!!!But then again ns don’t choose when world other than the place that gives them come me touch my cookie. LMAO.

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runs and hides

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It method you have evolved and also you understand longer need a piece of file from a sugar cookie to make you smile and ponder.

It way you’re around to die.~I made funny of my girlfriend once cause she didn’t gain a happiness in she cookie. Then I saw a restaurant v my mom and I didn’t obtain a fortune. Karma. Booo.

eponymoushipster because that some factor that is lot funnier when said through someone with a monkey as an avatar. To negative your monkey doesn’t have actually a gun!

It method you’re really lucky. Fortunes in luck cookies have actually been walk downhill at raising pace. Recently, ns was told, no native of a lie, “You choose Chinese food.” fine duh.

Well, generally everyone is subject to the tyranny of negative luck or the happiness of great luck. Somehow, your friend has controlled to break free of that vicious cycle. Congratulations!

I got one a few years ago…my wife claimed it expected I was going come die. I’m still here. It way some coporation, group that renders fortune cookie fucked up. Enjoy.

Ever view the Simpsons episode whereby Homer is on a business trip v a co-worker who has the hots for him? They’re having actually dinner at a Chinese restaurant and also he doesn’t recognize if he must act ~ above this or it is in faithful come Marge. He opens up his fortune cookie and it says, “You will uncover happiness v a brand-new love.” now Homer’s heart is informing him simply the opposite, yet food has actually never allow him under before, for this reason he doesn’t recognize what come do. Then they present a shoot of the kitchen, among the servers claims to the manager, “we’re all the end of new love luck cookies.” to which the manager replies, “open up the stick v your mam barrel”.

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That need to tell you all you need to know around what fortunes in fortune cookie mean.

dalepetrie “you will find love top top flag day. Hrm, smithers, what work is it?” “why it’s flag day sir!”