I am SICK that hearing that "energy comes in packets". I recognize what they space saying, but I don't understand it, or understand the intuition behind it. Someone please clear this up because that me. Obviously, i speak English, and also I know the words, but I don't understand the deep definition or even the context to i beg your pardon this declare it uses to.Do they mean "energy come in packets" once light is soaked up by the electrons, or once the electrons give off energy after being hit by light? and WHY does energy come in packets? WTF, the doesn't make any sense. You can tell me girlfriend milked a dinosaur, however it makes absolutely no sense. SOMEONE clean THIS UP!! give thanks to YOU IN ADVANCE!!
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Quanta to be the shorthand used throughout early studies on the subject of electromagnetic energy. Its perfectly reasonable to specify the quanta together photons, and you probably recognize that photons room the discrete "particles" the light. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum
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I am recognized to be sometimes wrong.

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Quantized energy method that if you take it a specific system (say, a molecule) its energy will take only some values, therefore it have the right to emit just some photons (as the emits switching between two permitted energy levels).However, as there are infinitely many varieties of systems, once you discover a lone photon traveling in room it deserve to have any type of energy - together it could have to be emitted by any type of source.In various other words: power is quantized for a provided system, however not in general.
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I would prefer to permit the so late Richard Feynman comment on this ... :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMDTcMD6pOwbesides that: as much as we know, over there is no together thing choose a "deeper meaning" in the way mother nature works (and she doesn't give a damn 'bout it even if it is WE favor this situation , or not)at some allude in science background , we discovered out that nature has some an extremely bizarre features, incomprehensible at that , anti intuitive and also flustering , and certainly contradicting every little thing that seemed obvious / logical because that beings that had actually (and still have) "senses" evolved and suited to endure in a people measured from fountain of a millimeter to some hundred kilometers.It took united state an forever to realize that mountains could grow (or become eroded) and continents can drift, the light has actually a velocity and that the earth is not flat: those were really very disturbing realisations because that the world of those times, together this lay means beyond the what your senses / societies were signalizing come them.In the early years the the critical century, along come Albert Einstein v another brand-new set that mindboggling, disturbing and couterintuitive claims: the the speed of light not only was finite, but additionally the biggest velocity that is , (and that no remainder mass uneven zero can be increased to this velocity), that time is naught that simply floats follow me for everyting the exact same way, however that it relies on the family member speed the a offered body with respect to various other bodies ...... And also also, along came Max Planck , stating that energy comes in well-defined qauanta (thus avoiding the "ultraviolet catastrophe" ,which otherwise would cause our sun to emit every its power in a instantaneous , solitary gigantic outburst - and also be done v it)so far, this insights host (for, by now, choose a century of ruthless counter testing attempts), and opened access to scientific areas like quantum mechanics or technologies prefer ... Her computerhence, think it ... Or notits up to you even if it is you desire to continue to be in touch v reality*)regardsIngo*)compared to the above, still even greater challenges to the mind lay ahead, prefer our snapshot of the universe in the irradiate of "dark matter / dark energy / anti - gravity", or a complete "fresh" physics in the kingdom of sub- Planck scale locations like v strings and also branes in SuSythe world is a strange place ...

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There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the universe is for and also why it is here, it will instantly disappear and also be replaced by something even an ext bizarre and inexplicable. Over there is another theory which claims that this has already happened.(Douglas Adams)
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Re: What execute they median that power is "quantized"?
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Energy gift quantized - together in her title - and energy comes in packets - together in irradiate - room two an extremely different concepts. Castle both arise native the same thing fundamentally, Max Planck's source of the smallest range on which anything in the universe have the right to move have to Einstein's legislation of light be universally and constantly true.