Since time immemorial, various cultures from all approximately the people consider feathers as magical, mystical items that, as soon as encountered, signal a special post to the receiver. That a id that is seen in many tribal/ancient cultures, indigenous the Egyptians and also the Celtics, come the indigenous Americans and also the Aborigines the Australia. All approximately the world, people revere feathers as a direct line come the divine.

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And it makes sense: bird have always been thought about holy or sacred creatures by old peoples since of their capability to fly close come the heavens. Our ancestors thought that birds lugged prayers, souls, wishes and good luck indigenous the planet to the sky. This is seemingly donate up by the truth that bird feathers have hollow shafts, which the ancients thought contained the souls the the dearly departed, or the prayers of the faithful. If a feather to be chanced upon on the ground, they thought that it was the divine sending a blog post or blessings to the finder.

​Because of their link to the Divine, finding feathers was often a sign of great luck or a connection with the spirit human being (hence old peoples use of feather in your garments), and while each color of feather represented something different, each one to be taken as a sign from God (or Gods), that a divine presence is watching end you.

What does a Feather Symbolize?

By the time Christianity spread throughout Europe, feathers became linked with the existence of angels, for this reason the expression “feathers appear when angels room near.” because feathers room beautiful and also ethereal in nature, it’s small wonder why the connection in between the 2 was made.

Feathers space sacred presents from the Divine, a display of force from the heavens that they room listening to her prayers, her wishes and your desires. That a symbol of acknowledgment, the someone or miscellaneous in the spirit civilization is looking the end for you, keeping you safe and also empowering girlfriend to everything path you collection upon. If you view a feather, your angel is near and they space reminding friend that, v them, you space safe.

And remember that angels aren’t just the celestial us that serve the Divine: castle can also be the souls of love ones who have actually been raised into glory and also given power to protect, to guide and even to give your heart’s desires. Each angel is provided a certain color to stand for their different responsibilities, just as various birds and feathery creatures have different colors the the rainbow as their feather to stand for their distinct place ~ above earth.

What go a White Feather Mean?


It’s no coincidence that yellow feathers are connected with happiness and also joy: these feathers contain the power of the sunlight itself, and also seeing a yellow feather method that her angel is reminding you to sluggish down and also enjoy the sunshine, to laugh, and be existing in the moment.

True joy is a an effective thing: that the one point that can aid you get over all obstacles and defeat all the pressures of darkness, and also it’s due to the fact that true happiness originates from within. A yellow feather is a reminder the the magnificent presence is within every one of us, and also that your angel, as an effective as they are, room not the resources of your very own power, but rather, are simply invokers of strength that’s currently within you.

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How perform I translate a Feather?

What a feather method to one person will differ to another. Even when each specific feather symbolizes miscellaneous unique, its interpretation will depend on your society and whereby you space in life, spiritually and emotionally.

​Because the language that the magnificent is incomprehensible to mortals prefer ourselves, angelic us manifest their message through signs and symbols, prefer the persons in the feather they leave behind. Angels make it easy, sometimes: a human being who has a close connect to their psychic powers have the right to basically feel the angelic message simply by emotional the feather. For those who require a little much more help, it’s finest to ask yourself some questions once you encounter an point of view feather:

​What were you praying for when the feather appeared?How is your life going appropriate at this an extremely moment?What to be the very first thing friend felt when you experienced or touched the feather?

Once girlfriend answer this questions, the definition of the feather will be revealed to you personally. But above the certain and personal message it bring you, the most vital takeaway indigenous a feather authorize is this: the ever-loving and ever-benevolent divine is with you, and also with it, friend can achieve all things, great or small. Trust in the sacred light, and also you will never be alone!