In this quick guide, we will cover the following topics because that ‘esperar’ in Spanish:

How to usage ‘Esperar’ in Spanish

What walk ‘Esperar’ mean?

Definition – In Spanish, esperar means ‘to wait’, ‘to hold’ and also ‘to hope’. As a result, this verb is provided to express the a person is waiting for who or for something to happen. In various other situations, ‘esperar’ can likewise be provided to talk about a person’s hopes, expectation or desires.

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Depending on the case in which that is gift used, ‘esperar’ has actually different interpretations in Spanish. Below, you’ll find the different instances where you have the right to use this verb and also their corresponding translation.

When describing that a human being is waiting for miscellaneous or someone, this verb method ‘to wait’.When used to talk around expectations, desires and hopes, ‘esperar’ means ‘to hope’ or ‘to expect’.

‘Esperar’ Conjugations

In Spanish, esperar is a regular verb. In various other words, come conjugate many of the tenses, you’ll must remove the finishing -AR and include the equivalent endings come the verb stem ‘esper-’.

Below there room some shortcut charts where you can examine the endings the you need to add to conjugate the most important Spanish tenses.


Present tense conjugation

YoesperoI wait
esperasYou wait
Él / Ella / UstedesperaHe/She wait
NosotrosesperamosWe wait
VosotrosesperáisYou wait
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasesperanThey/You wait

Preterite tense conjugation

YoesperéI waited
esperasteYou waited
Él / Ella / UstedesperóHe/She waited
NosotrosesperamosWe waited
VosotrosesperastéisYou waited
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasesperaronThey/You waited

Imperfect it is too dirty conjugation

YoesperabaI waited
esperabasYou waited
Él / Ella / UstedesperabaHe/She waited
NosotrosesperábamosWe waited
VosotrosesperábaisYou waited
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasesperabanThey/You waited

Future it is too dirty conjugation

As a constant verb, the future it s too dirty of ‘esperar’ is conjugated by adding the proper endings (underlined in the table below) to the verb in infinitive form.

YoesperaréI will certainly wait
esperarásYou will wait
Él / Ella / UstedesperaráHe/She will certainly wait
NosotrosesperaremosWe will certainly wait
VosotrosesperaréisYou will certainly wait
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasesperaránThey/You will certainly wait

Conditional tense conjugation

Just prefer future, to conjugate ‘esperar’ come the conditional tense, you’ll need to add the matching endings to the prototype verb.

YoesperaríaI would wait
esperaríasYou would wait
Él / Ella / UstedesperaríaHe/She would wait
NosotrosesperaríamosWe would wait
VosotrosesperaríaisYou would certainly wait
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasesperaríanThey/You would wait

Progressive Tenses


Perdón que haya llegado tarde, ojalá no hayas esperado mucho.I’m sorry to it is in late, i hope you haven’t waited too long.


Imperative conjugation

NosotrosesperemosLet’s wait
Usted/ Ustedesespera / esperenWait

Here are some examples of exactly how to give both an unfavorable and positive regulates with ‘esperar’. Notice that to tell world what to do, you’ll use the conjugation in the table above.

<‘Esperar’ in imperative> +

¡Espérenme! Ya casi estoy lista.

Wait for me! I’m nearly ready.

Chicos, esperad a que el semáforo se ponga en rojo.

Guys, wait for the light to revolve red.

If rather you must tell people what no to do, you’ll should follow the present subjunctive conjugation for ‘esperar’.

No + <‘esperar’ in existing subjunctive> +

Veré si puedo ayudarte, pero no esperes nada.I’ll watch if i can help you, yet don’t intend anything.

Oigan, no me esperen, voy a llegar tarde.Hey guys, don’t wait because that me, I’ll it is in late.

How to use ‘Esperar’ in Spanish v Examples

In Spanish, the verb ‘esperar’ has two main meanings:

Describing that a person is waiting for someone or somethingTalking around hopes and expectations

In the sections below, I’ll describe to girlfriend in much more detail the different situations where you have the right to use ‘esperar’ in Spanish. Additionally, I’ll administer you through examples and also phrase frameworks that you usage to begin implementing this verb into your conversations.

Describe that a person is wait for who or something

As the direct translation that ‘to wait’, in Spanish, ‘esperar’ is offered to describe that who is waiting for a human or because that something come happen. Below there room some examples and also phrase structures that you can use in every case.

+ + (complement)

¿Quieres que te espere?Do you desire me to wait for you?

Si no llegan temprano, no los esperaremos.If you nothing arrive early, we will not wait for you.

Clara dare esperó durante dos horas.Clara waited because that you for 2 hours.

Ya casi llego, espérame cinco minutos.I’m virtually there, wait because that me for five minutes.

If rather of referring to wait for a person, you desire to usage ‘esperar’ to talk around waiting because that an activity or event to happen, you must use the following phrase structure.

+ a + que + +

Esperaré a que el programa se acabe.I’ll wait until the display is over.

Luisa y yo esperamos a que dejara de llover.Luisa and also I waited for the rain to stop.

¿Crees que si espero a que mi papá me lleve a la escuela llegaré tarde?Do friend think that if i wait for dad to take it me to college would ns be late?

Talking around hopes and expectations

A an extremely common usage of the verb esperar is come talk around a who expectations, wishes, wishes or dreams. Together a result, in this context, ‘esperar’ method ‘to hope’ or ‘to expect’. Notification that for this case, there room two main structures the you have the right to use:

When talking around the wishes or expectations the someone has for other people or that rely on someone or something’s behavior, we use the complying with structure.

+ que +

Espero que tengas un buen día.I expect you have actually a pretty day.

Esperábamos que pudiera ayudarnos.We hope that girlfriend could aid us.

Andrea espera que deje de llover pronto.Andrea hopes that it stops raining soon.

Mi mamá espera que mi papá le compre esa blusa.My mommy expects my dad to buy her the blouse.

If instead you desire to to express the hopes or expectations that you have actually for yourself, you’ll use the following structure.


No esperaba verte aquí.I didn’t intend to view you here.

Claudia espera conseguir ese trabajo.Claudia expects to get this job.

Yo no esperaba encontrar mi dinero.I didn’t suppose to uncover my money.

Take Note: When talking around hopes, dreams, desires and also expectations in Spanish, an alert that we either usage the goodbye or an prototype verb. Usually, the verb in prototype expresses expectations or hopes that depend on ourselves.

Esperar expression & Idioms

Below space some renowned idioms and also expressions v ‘esperar’ the will assist you be able to communicate your ideas in a more precise way.

Esperar sentado: This idiom expresses the someone is or might be wait for something the won’t most likely happen. Usually, ‘esperar sentado’ indicates some kind of irony or mockery for the person that is waiting. This expression have the right to be analyzed as ‘don’t organize your breath’ or ‘ it ain’t gonna happen’.

Esperar lo peor: In Spanish, ‘esperar lo peor’ is supplied to express that a person expects the worst indigenous a situation. This expression have the right to be supplied in both formal and also informal contexts, and it have the right to be translated as ‘to mean for the worst’.

Ser de esperar: As the direct translation of ‘to it is in expected’, ‘ser de esperar’ is offered to express that a result, action or habits was previsible or expected to happen.

Synonyms of ‘Esperar’ in Spanish

Ojalá: In Spanish, ‘ojalá’ is a synonym of ‘esperar’ as soon as talking around someone’s desire or dreams. This word only works with verbs conjugated to the subjunctive and also it can be interpreted as ‘to expect so’ or ‘hopefully.

Aguardar: It is a much more formal method to express that someone is wait either for something to occur or for one more person. Offered that ‘aguardar’ is likewise translated together ‘to wait’, you could use it together a synonym because that ‘esperar’ in more formal situations.

Desear: ‘Desear’ is an additional verb the is offered in Spanish come either define someone’s wishes and hopes. As a synonym the ‘esperar’, ‘desear’ way ‘to wish’.

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Confiar: Although it has actually multiple meanings, ‘confiar’ have the right to be offered as a synonym of ‘esperar’ once talking around someone’s hopes or expectations. V this meaning, ‘confiar’ is analyzed as ‘to to trust that’.