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Where walk derision come from?

Derision shares component of its origin with the native ridiculous and risible; all might be traced come the Latin verb ridēre (“to laugh”). From the time derision gone into the English language in the 14th century, the has suggested laughter, albeit of a mocking or scornful variety. The may also be supplied to indicate an object of scornful laughter – the is, a laughingstock -- together in the line from Lamentations 3:14 that the King James version of the bible: “I to be a derision to every my people.”

my remarks were anodyne, but some other snippets that marginalia to be shrieks that derision … — Paul Theroux, Granta 44, Summer 1993 Britain had its boffins, functioning researchers subject to the derision of intellectual gentlemen. — James Gleick, Genius: The Life & science of Richard Feynman, 1992 … discussion, laughter, lecturing, but no shouts or threats, no yardsticks banging for silence, no words of dead or derision. — Lorene Cary, Black Ice, 1991 The totality idea that Camelot excites derision. In fact, ns am sure Kennedy would have actually derided that himself. No one at the time ever before thought the his Washington as Camelot. — Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., The Cycles of American History, 1986 one of the students laugh in derision in ~ my error. The team"s terrible record has made the an object the derision in the league. “Nerd” is a term that derision.
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Recent instances on the internet The statement, post on the city’s website and also Facebook page, drew some derision from community members online, who showed up to jeer at the mayor’s wording and also the revolving door that city managers. — Andres Picon, San Francisco Chronicle, 9 Sep. 2021 The cover, ripe for net clowning, quickly ended up being a meme and a point of derision for numerous fans. — Time, 3 Sep. 2021 their voices increase in volume, their pleas become more urgent and also their derision of Chauvin much more pronounced. — Washington Post, 29 Mar. 2021 In fact, infectious diseases worldwide women had actually been intentionally scapegoated together a hazard to youngsters in bathrooms and also locker rooms, their bodies blasted throughout Fox News together objects that derision and portents that danger. — Jake Bittle, The brand-new Republic, 13 Aug. 2021 The stunt, entailing a procession that armored vehicles and also at the very least one tank, was greeted v widespread derision and upset on Brazilian society media. — Washington Post, 11 Aug. 2021 Monday’s occasion is not the first coronavirus protest to satisfy with publicly derision. — Washington Post, 10 Aug. 2021 They were met v derision and sent out home, ostracized from the Olympic movement for decades. — Christine Brennan, USA TODAY, 2 Aug. 2021 because that centuries, historians said, the vice president was mainly irrelevant, the butt of jokes and subject the derision. —, 11 July 2021

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History and also Etymology because that derision

center English, from middle French, from late Latin derision-, derisio, from Latin deridēre — check out deride