Perhaps you have actually heard the before, that Dachshunde (also known as “sausage dogs” in English) space the typical dog to own in Munich, however why? below ‘s a little bit of history about the cute, stumpy legged dogs.

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The breed originated native Germany and also literally translates to “badger dog” (Dachs = badger, Hund = dog) and were provided to hunt. During human being War I and also II the breed came to be less famous in America and good Britain together it was linked with Germany. After the war was over the popular of the dog raised again.

Why space they so well-known in Munich?When the Olympics was organized in Munich in 1972, they had their very first ever main mascot – i m sorry of course was a Dachshund! he was dubbed Waldi and also was picked not only since the breed originates from Germany, but additionally because his attributes reflected ~ above the athletes – perseverance, agility and additionally stubbornness. The mascot to be striped v the color of the games. Due to the fact that then the each other has always been connected with Munich and is quiet a famous dog come own. The each other has additionally been popularized through TV, for instance in crime series as a trusty companion or additionally on the next of a famous celebrity.

Waldi the mascot. Photo by Marcos Dopico ~ above Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Other names and nicknames:Perhaps girlfriend have already heard of different names, such together the sausage dog, or different pronunciations like “Dashhound”.

Here are a pair of various other names:der Dachshund (singular) die Dachshunde (plural)der Dackel (singular) die Dackel (plural)der Teckel (singular) die Teckel (plural) – the surname is well-known for once the dog are specifically bread because that hunting.English nicknames: Sausage dog, Wiener dog, Dashhound.

Der Dachshund. Picture by Sergey Urzhumskov ~ above Flickr (CC through 2.0) .

I expect you took pleasure in this post about the background of the Dachshund, I constantly knew they were popular in Munich and enjoyed researching the background of them.

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