In this quick guide, we will certainly cover the complying with topics for ‘comprar’ in Spanish:

How to use ‘Comprar’ in Spanish

What walk ‘Comprar’ mean?

The verb ‘comprar’ refers to someone getting something in exchange for money. As a result, ‘comprar’ method ‘to buy’ or ‘to purchase’ and in an ext specific situations it can be translated as ‘to bribe’ or ‘to buy off’.

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When talking about purchases, ‘comprar’ way ‘to buy’, ‘to purchase’ or ‘to shop’.To explain a instance where someone offers money or valuable things to one more person to obtain a benefit, commonly in an illegal way, ‘comprar’ means ‘to bribe’ or ‘to purchase off’.

‘Comprar’ Conjugations

‘Comprar’ is a regular -ar verb, which means that the stem for many tenses and also subjects will certainly be ‘compr’. Offered that the future and the conditional tense space conjugated with the verb in the infinitive form, instead of the stem.


Present it s too dirty conjugation

YoComproI buy
ComprasYou buy
Él / Ella / UstedCompraHe/She buys
NosotrosCompramosWe buy
VosotrosCompráisYou buy
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasCompranThey/You buy

Preterite tense conjugation

YoCompréI bought
ComprasteYou bought
Él / Ella / UstedCompróHe/She bought
NosotrosCompramosWe bought
VosotrosComprasteisYou bought
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasCompraronThey/You bought

Imperfect it s too dirty conjugation

YoComprabaI bought
ComprabasYou bought
Él / Ella / UstedComprabaHe/She bought
NosotrosComprábamosWe bought
VosotrosComprabaisYou bought
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasComprabanThey/You bought

Future it s too dirty conjugation

To conjugate ‘comprar’ to the future tense you’ll require to add the corresponding endings come the prototype verb.

YoCompraréI will buy
ComprarásYou will certainly buy
Él / Ella / UstedCompraráHe/She will certainly buy
NosotrosCompraremosWe will certainly buy
VosotrosCompraréisYou will certainly buy
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasCompraránThey/You will buy

Conditional it is too dirty conjugation

This it is too dirty is likewise conjugated by adding the equivalent endings to the prototype verb.

YoCompraríaI would buy
CompraríasYou would certainly buy
Él / Ella / UstedCompraríaHe/She would buy
NosotrosCompraríamosWe would certainly buy
VosotrosCompraríaisYou would certainly buy
Ustedes / Ellos / EllasCompraríanThey/You would certainly buy

Progressive Tenses


Tienes que deshacerte de todo lo que hayas comprado hace más de diez años.You have to remove everything that you bought over ten year ago.

Hubieras comprado ese vestido cuando estaba en oferta.You need to have bought that dress when it to be on sale.


Imperative conjugation

The stem for the affirmative imperative form of ‘comprar’ is regular, however, in its an adverse imperative form, and vosotros use the existing subjunctive conjugation, preceded by the word No.

NosotrosCompremosLet’s buy

<‘Comprar’ imperative> +

Compren cereal, ya no hay en la casa.Buy part cereal, we don’t have any kind of left in ~ home.

No + <‘comprar’ in current subjunctive> +

No compres cosas que no necesites.Don’t buy points you nothing need.

How to use ‘Comprar’ in Spanish through Examples

In Spanish, there room two main meanings of ‘comprar’. Return they could seem really similar, each definition is used in a various context:

To talk about purchasesDescribing a bribery

In the sections listed below you’ll have the ability to see just how to use this verb in conversations v examples and explanations of exactly how the sentences must be formed.

To talk around purchases

When talking about a person getting goods or services, ‘comprar’ means ‘to buy’ or ‘to purchase’.

<‘Comprar’ conjugated> +

Ana y Frida compraron los boletos para el concierto.Ana and also Frida bought the tickets for the concert.

¿Qué compró mi mamá en la tienda?What walk my mom buy in the story?

Diana compraría una suscripción a ese canal si no fuera tan caro.Diana would buy a subscription to the channel if it weren’t therefore expensive.

In Spanish, ‘comprar’ is a pronominal verb, which means in some situations you’ll have to use reflexive or indirect pronouns to talk around things that someone buys to another person or to oneself.

+ <‘comprar’ conjugated> +

Melanie me compró un regalo de cumpleaños.Melanie bought me a date of birth present.

Gabriela le comprará una nueva computadora a su hijo.Gabriela will purchase her son a brand-new computer.

Te compré estas flores.I bought you these flowers

<‘Comprar’ in prototype form> + +

Voy a comprarme unos nuevos zapatos.I’m going come buy myself some new shoes.

Sheila fue a comprarse unos chocolates.Sheila went to buy herself some chocolates.

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Describing a bribery

When describing someone that is illicitly or unfairly supplying money or an important things to an additional person to get some type of benefit, ‘comprar’ means ‘to bribe’ or ‘to buy off’.

<‘Comprar’ conjugated> + a +

Daniel compró al profesor con una botella de vino.Daniel bribed the professor through a party of wine.

Se libró de una multa comprando al tránsito.He removed a good by bribing a web traffic officer.

To explain a person or case that has welcomed bribery, you’ll should use the previous participle of ‘comprar’ as an adjective.

(Noun) + <‘estar’ conjugated> +

Este árbitro está comprado.This referee was bribed.

Las elecciones estuvieron compradas.The elections to be bought off.

Comprar expression & Idioms

There are very useful expressions and idioms that usage this verb and can help you have actually a much better understanding that the various ways in which girlfriend can apply ‘comprar’.

Comprar a plazos describes a form of acquisition in i m sorry the person makes tiny payments over a period of time. It way ‘to salary in installments’.

Comprar por comprar is provided to define a human that buys points they nothing need. It have the right to be translated as ‘to buy for the benefits of buying’.

Comprar el mandado method ‘to go grocery shopping’.

Synonyms the ‘Comprar’ in Spanish

Adquirir refers to a human obtaining miscellaneous new. Its direct translation is ‘to acquire’ and it’s really formal for this reason it’s not typically used.

Sobornar converts as ‘to bribe’ and it’s provided in much more formal conversations and contexts.

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Ir de compras method ‘to walk shopping’. That usually explains someone shopping for things that space not crucial like clothes or makeup.