When trying to explain Jamaican Patois to foreigners, I regularly tried to display that even though we use words the look choose English, the word could be misleading, because it supposed something rather in Jamaican Patois. Yet when lock asked because that an example, half the time I drew blanks, and also the various other half, I only remembered the word ignorant.

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As a writer, as soon as these things happen, the remedy is always to create a post about it. So, after a year that toying with various ideas and concepts, and getting contribute from Jamaican friend all around the world, I ultimately published:

14 English words & paragraph that mean Something totally Different in Jamaican Patois

The article went viral within the Jamaican diaspora all about the world. Jamaicans living in Jamaica. Jamaicans who migrated.

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And also even the children and grand-children the Jamaicans, who heard their parents use the 14 words ns listed.

The support from the Jamaican diaspora on mine blog and also on social media has actually been overwhelming! and also though a few trolls quit by, hope to have actually 10-seconds in the limelight, most of the an answer have been overwhelmingly positive. So much so, that right here is component two by exceptionally popular request.

Me cyaah t’ank unnuh enough! however see di res’ a dem yah! Comment wid di one dem mi leff off again, and also maybe me wi’ mek paat t’ree!