The various other day, ns was inquiry to explain the difference between two words, therefore I chose it would make a nice tiny post and clear up any confusion our readers may also be having with some same confusing pair. Currently that you’ve master c’est vs. Il est, dans vs. En, and encore vs. Toujours, let’s explore one more pair. Grab your rouge à lèvres (lipstick) because this short article involves your soup coolers!


Ah, lips. They’re the first things to crack in the winter. They’re your first line of defense come cool under your food. They’re what you usage to whistle. They’re necessary to make the French U sound. They’re additionally required because that the famous French arrival known together la bise.

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La bise has actually been discussed before – what the is, exactly how to perform it, how numerous to give… all that good stuff. In the exact same post, words bisous mr up, and also we’re told they both average kiss. Ns didn’t go into information there, for this reason let’s delve right into that now. What’s the difference?

We’ll begin with la bise. After ~ all, the is an integral component of faire la bise.

Une bise is a straightforward peck on the cheek. That isn’t romantic and this friendly gesture deserve to be used between anyone. The being said, it greatly exists in between males and also females or females and also females. Two males may do this if they’re family or very close friends, however most males still like to shower hands.

A letter or message can likewise be signed through “bises” (note the pluralization) together a closer. I remember receiving a blog post on facebook from someone I liked that was signed with bises. Naturally, I had actually to ask every my friend if over there was any type of kind that romantic undertone over there that ns wasn’t aware of. Alas, it was merely a goodbye, and we both remained single…

So how around un bisou? Bisou is much more informal 보다 bise, and it deserve to refer to one of two people a peck on the cheek or the lips. This is the big difference in between the two words: since this have the right to be on the lips, bisou deserve to be offered as a goodbye to either a friend or lover! when you view it composed at the finish of a letter or message, it’s generally constantly in the plural (who just wants one kiss?).

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So there you have it! no so bad. Une bise is a gesture of friendship only, and also un bisou have the right to be that or a little more.

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