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The another name of Before and after number is predecessor and follower respectively.Before number method predecessor i m sorry is 1 less or 1 smaller sized than the given number.Or if girlfriend subtract 1 indigenous the offered number we acquire predecessor.Example 1 :Predecessor that 38Subtract 1 from 38 we will obtain predecessor.So, predecessor of 38 is 38-1 = 37.Example 2 :Find the predecessor of 90Predecessor of 90 is 90-1 = 89Exaple 3 :Find the predecessor the 12,000Predecessor that 12,000 : 12,000 – 1 = 11,999The natural number of 1 has no predecessor because natural number starts indigenous 1.After number means successor which 1 an ext or1 higher than the offered number.Or if you include 1 to the the given number we obtain successor.So, follower of 42 is 42 + 1 = 43Example : 1Find the successor of 999 .Add 1 to 99 we will get 99 + 1 = 100So, follower of 99 is 100Example 2 :Find the successor of 489Add 1 to 489 we will obtain 489 + 1 = 490So, successor of 489 is 490Example 3 :Find the successor of 18,799Add 1 come 18,799 we will obtain 18,799 + 1 = 18,800So, follower of 18,799 is 18,800As over there are infinite numbers so there is no number exist which walk not have any successor number. for this reason in quick every organic number has a successor.So over there is no last organic number.There room some instances for which there is no exact answer.We can count the variety of people in any kind of country.But we may not maybe to counting the number of stars in the skies or number of hair in our heads. We can count castle and include 1 come it and we can quickly say the we have counted that lot only.It is now clear the there is no largest number.

Practice questions on before and also After Number

1) compose the next three herbal numbers after 20999.2) compose the two entirety numbers arising just prior to 80002.3) create the after number of : (a) 2,440,501 (b) 10994) compose the before number of : (a) 3090 (b) 567,8125) In every of the adhering to pairs which number is the before number.(a) 499 ; 498(b) 120 ; 121(c) 8967 ; 8966(d) 12,999 ; 12,9986) State True or False(a) All organic number has successor.(b) The organic number 1 has no predecessor.(c) The after number 679 is 680.(d) The totality number 0 has actually no before number.(e) The after variety of two number number is constantly a 2 digit number.Before and also After NumberTo 6th grade mathHome Page

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