What to Do once You get a Powertrain break down Warning

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What go the Wrench Light average on Ford Vehicles?

The wrench warning light on Ford vehicles is the powertrain break down indicator light. As soon as it illuminates, it way that the computer system has detect an worry with your vehicle’s powertrain or four-wheel-drive system. It is recommended the you have actually the device checked by your nearest authorized dealer as soon as possible. You have the right to keep reading for an ext information top top the powertrain malfunction indicator in Ford vehicles native the team in ~ Akins Ford.

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Can girlfriend drive through a powertrain breakdown light?

A powertrain malfunction light have to be taken seriously, as enabling a serious worry to persist deserve to lead to costly repairs to her engine, transmission, or drivetrain in the lengthy run. You should consider having the auto towed right to an authorized dealer quite than steering if you notice any changes in her vehicle’s performance choose engine shaking or reduced power. In instances where you space towing a hefty load and/or driving up a steep grade, a powertrain break down light may be informing you to ease turn off to avoid overheating. If the problem resolves itself the warning might go away.

It’s feasible that your automobile might go into Fail-Safe setting shortly ~ the powertrain break down light illuminates. Fail-Safe Mode instantly limits engine power so that you can safely practice your auto off the roadway without causing any further damage to your vehicle’s components. If this happens, you have to only continue to journey as lengthy as essential to lug your auto to remainder in a for sure location and seek instant repairs.

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