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30th July 2010
Anyone heard what a skunk sounds like in person (hopefully not too close i guess...) - have had a watch on google and youtube etc yet its either spanned up by talking heads or hard to hear in the mix or indigenous a home movie. Youngsters cartoon for this reason can"t it is in hissy/nasty or any kind of of the stuff (which I have although don"t need), spring for more cheaky chirps form things - carry out they also make this sounds? part raccoon and also messed increase otter fx space working for now however would be an excellent to get any type of opinionsThanksD
30th July 2010
I"ve to be in very close proximity to skunks on a variety of occasions. They have actually never do a noise, they simply mind their very own business and if you get to close, the perform a hand stand and also start spraying!If the item your working on is funny or non drama, you can just stick through the Raccoon / Squirrel sounds that the human being recognizes together that type of critter. Good luck. PS: I thought you post a thread around weed prior to I looked inside. Haha!
30th July 2010| present parent
I"ve to be in really close proximity come skunks ~ above a variety of occasions. They have never make a noise, they just mind their own business and also if you acquire to close, the carry out a hand stand and start spraying!If the piece your working on is funny or no drama, you might just stick with the Raccoon / Squirrel sounds that the civilization recognizes as that form of critter. Good luck.
31st July 2010
They make a bunch of various sounds. Hissing and also sometimes they will make chirping prefer sounds and whimpering like a puppy. They additionally stomp your feet as soon as they room angry.

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I think they have a French accent, choose kissing, and also they love the ladies... Yet I could be wrong.heh
Cheers males - the baby skunks space much an ext along the line of what ns was going for.Not certain I"d obtain away through Pepe Le Pew - as soon as it goes to the French language dubbing studio they could think I"m taking the piss!ThanksD
Yep!YouTube - Dolphin Sound EffectSorry...had to execute it...What? That"s "only in the movies"????I"m ruined!Jeff

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